What wrestlers have pleasantly shocked/pleased you?

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  1. Complicated question. Mine would be Daniel Bryan. Despite being the best wrestler in the world, I didn't think he would or could make it in WWE - I was one of those who doubted him and didn't even want to see him far up in WWE. Why? Because they forced him this disgusting smiley gimmick where he never talked or anything and was just some vegan nerd.

    That alone made me doubt his abilities. I didn't (at the time) see his past, or what he could do, all I read was the IWC marks going on about how good this guy is. But as soon as he won the title and hinted that heel turn, where he could become more free, that's where I was real real pleased. Now he's (for me) the greatest thing in WWE atm. with Barrett and Miz.

    So, what about you?
  2. Bryan getting that push pleasantly surprised me as well. Punk's push was also a shock, I mean, the whole shoot and all... I didn't see it coming.
  3. Thing is I always knew Punk should have been pushed, so it wasn't a shock when he stole the show for me.
  4. I enjoy Layla and AJ very much. They've exceeded the pretty girl image and have done something to make people talk. I would say Kofi Kingston too because many of my guy friends didnt expect him to last at all.
  5. Undertaker. :taker:
  6. I agree about Daniel Bryan. Him being what some would call a vanilla midget, and WWE being the land of big men, I never expected him to get over like he is now. I expected him to be similar to Charlie Haas - great wrestler but creative wouldn't know that if they couldn't find anything else to do with him, just let him go in the ring and have great matches (before eventually firing him or something because "creative doesn't have anything for ya.") But now he's one of the most over people in the company.
  7. Probably Mark Henry. Before his heel turn & Main Event SD run last year I just thought of him as a fatass & as Sexual Chocolate. Never knew he could be so damn entertaining.
  8. I'd agree with you there Dolph but I generally always knew he'd be a good monster heel, but I never knew he'd be THAT good. I didn't think he had the charisma or skills to generally make me laugh most segments. He was such a beast.
  9. Yea there were stretches in time where I liked him.. when he first showed up as a member of the NOD, the previously mentioned Sexual Chocolate gimmick provided some lulz, but I didn't think he could ever make me become a full blown mark and just be so hilarious and awesome. I've never seen someone flawlessly blend being a complete badass while being so damn funny all at once. It was nothing short of brilliant.
  10. Agreed. Another one is R-Truth. I was calling for his heel turn for years and knew he'd get incredibly over - he did. But they dropped the ball on him imo, but he's old so I don't care as much.
  11. No buddy.. they all fucksucks.
  12. I'm in the minority but I didn't get the hoopla for Truth. He was okay at times, but people were jocking him hard.

    Oh and DZ deserves a mention even though he's an obvious choice. From Chavo's caddy to male cheerleader to abso-fucking-lute boss.
  13. We are THE SPIRIT SQUAD!!!!!! @[Dolph'sZiggler]
  14. Punk, Bryan, Henry, Dolph and Cody were the guys that surprised during 2011. Punk, Bryan and Henry I wasn't that surprised by since I had followed them for a while. Cody I knew would become great but it was a surprised it was in 2011 since I expected him to grow for another year. Dolph I hadn't followed as much but boy did he stand out.
  15. Dolph Ziggler, the guy has it all. Moves, selling, charisma, you name it.
    AJ, good preformance with DB, we'll see how the wrestling will work out in time.
    Cody Rhodes, improved alot, good moves, and just how he sells his 'a bit crazy' gimmick, awesome. 'Grandson of a plumber.' :laugh:
  16. Good call, Henry surprised me. I remember wanting him to be pushed back when he was a jobber on Raw for some reason. I remember the draft, when he not only got drafted during the show but also turned on Cena during the main event. A good prelude to that awesome heel run of his.
  17. Mark Henry is a very nice man. He was very pleasant to us and I have a picture with him that he was gracious to sign.
  18. Lol I heard the opposite. Not that I heard he was mean; just I heard he can't be fucked with most fans and is a badass irl.
  19. Totally not my experience, but I guess we all have our bad days. Mmph, maybe it was cause we were girls
  20. What are you trying to say?

    Big Henry is a stud?
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