What wrestler's life & career would make a good movie?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. The movie The wrestler is loosely based on Jake the Snake. But is there any other wrestler who's life and career you think would make for an interesting and good film? Feel free to discuss which wrestler and specific moments in these guys careers you'd like to see covered.

    I'd like a Von Erich film, would be a super sad film but a good one none the less I believe.
  2. Bret Hart.
    -growing up with the dungeon
    -stampede wresting
    -hart foundation
    -screw job
    -WWE reconciliation
  4. Ric Flair and Scott Hall.

    Maybe Vince Russo's too. :emoji_grin:
  5. I'd love to see a Hogan one spanning for the 80s and ending in 03.

    The format is simple peak in the 80s, lose it in the early 90s post steroid scandal, rise back up then the last fall before coming home. Plus all the backstage stuff he engaged in would be interesting to follow in a movie format. Also Benoit, Eddie, Jericho and Malenko as one movie.
  6. Chris Benoit would be a sad film and cause alot of issues but it could be a good film I know one is in the making mainly focusing on his murder suicide.
    -Childhood,stampede wrestling and training
    - Japanese wrestling, WCW debut, meeting people like Jericho and the Guerrero's
    - Love-life with Nancy, his first wife and children
    - WWE debut, neck injury
    - 2004 push
    - Death of Eddie
    - Final match and death
    - Also aftermath of the incident.
    Same with Eddie.
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  13. Honestly Daniel Bryan. Feel like that'd be interesting.
  14. Which one?
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    Anyway, I'd say Eddie Guerrero. I think the last part of his career before he died would be very interesting. Was reading Hardcore Holly's book recently. He said Eddie would be lifeless other than his matches. He would go out there looking extremely energetic, have the match, then come back passing out straight away and not talking to anyone until his next match. Kinda sad, but would make for a great story.
  17. Triple H would make for a great movie. He's had quite the storied career and life. Detailing the rise of someone who was just another midcarder who jumped from WCW to WWF to someone who would eventually become the owner and chairman of WWE once Vince steps down and retires. A movie would have so much material to cover, it would almost have to be a mini series instead:

    -How Vince had plans to make him a star from the very beginning (watch the King Of Kings DVD from 2006.)
    -How he was part of the infamous backstage group known as the Kliq and how he was at the center of all the drama and backstage politics for everything concerning them. Also make sure to detail the irony of HHH once being considered the "runt" of the group, though he'd eventually become the most successful/richest out of all of them.
    -How Vince was always interested in his creative input from the very beginning, and how this eventually foreshadowed him being half owner of the company one day.
    -How he was supposed to win the tournament that ended up being the launching pad for Stone Cold's stardom (KOTR '96) but was punished for the "curtain call" incident in April 1996.
    -How he was backstage for all the backstage drama and politics concerning Survivor Series '97 and how he was even the one who came up with the idea for the Montreal Screwjob that ended up helping to create the Mr. McMahon character.
    -His ascent to the main event and falling for the boss's daughter and beginning a real-life relationship with her.
    -Coming back from his career-threatening quad injury and winning the Rumble and headlining Wrestlemania again. And the historical fact that even though he lost the title to Hogan a month later, he still got to be the last person that the biggest wrestling star of all time ever won a championship from.
    -Seeing his best friend Shawn Michaels make a return to the ring.
    -How he later got to work with his idol Ric Flair in a stable (Evolution) that was very much like a modern day version of the Four Horsemen, the same stable he grew up watching.
    -His marriage to Stephanie and the three children he had with her.
    -His second quad injury and how he came back and recovered from that.
    -His feelings on seeing his best friend Shawn Michaels retire.
    -Being the one to convince Bruno Sammartino to join the Hall Of Fame.
    -Him becoming semi-retired and now becoming much more of a corporate huncho who is helping run things with his father-in-law and wife.
  18. If you want, I find it pretty cool tbh.
  19. Can I get it?
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