What Wrestling Period Would You Relive?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jacob Fox, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. Fortunately it seems like this was asked over two and a half years ago so I can try a similar question here.

    When talking about William Regal in an NXT thread, I just got to thinking about the time period of wrestling I would want to completely relive again if I could. Any time, any promotion.

    For me, it would be WCW from summer of 1993 to right before Hulk Hogan showed up in 1994. As Jim Crockett Promotions, it was phenomenal. When Turner took over, WCW began to get REALLY stupid. But there was this one year between the dumbass Jim Herd years and Hogan's arrival where WCW was great and that is what I would like to relive.

    I always watched WCW Saturday Night by myself, in my room, eating a meatball sub with the lights out. Steven(William) Regal defended the WCW TV title every week, Ric Flair had the NWA World Title, which he dropped to Rick Rude. Vader was World Champ, which he dropped to Flair. Dustin Rhodes and Steve Austin were the US Champ during that time period. I really just liked everything about this year (beginning after the whole stupid Vader White Castle of Fear angle). It was also the last time that WCW was my favorite promotion. Although I enjoyed it during the Monday Night War, once Hogan arrived, WCW stopped being the promotion that I had known.
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  2. For me as I was only born in 1998 I didn't watch the attitude era as it happened. But the era that sticks in my mind is around 2005-07. When SD and Raw were 2 different brands, different stages (SD stage Fist I miss). But having to record them at my nan's house and going around every week to watch Sky Sports. And for some reason I keep thinking of Jimmy Wang Yang.
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  3. I didn't watch during the Attitude Era, I had to go back and watch it later. I began watching regularly again in 2004 and I really liked the brand split.

    I actually stopped watching during the AE because I was a traditionalist and didn't like where wrestling was going. I realize I missed a lot of good stuff but I also benefited because I was able to go back and watch without having to wait a week for the next episode.
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  4. The Attitude Era. Because I was born in 1995, and I wish to have watched it as it was happening, instead of watching it years later.
    But, on the upside, (as Mr. Rainmaker above me said) I didn't have have to wait a week for the next episode.
  5. I have to say 2002-2006 - Truly the best years of wrestling after the end of the attitude era. I just loved sitting their with my siblings watching RAW every Monday, and SmackDown every Thursday. Loving Orton. hating Triple H. They were simpler times. I think the return of DX really marked the end for it.
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  6. The new gen era. Who doesn't want to see Techno Team 2000!?

    But in serious. Underrated era with a lot of workhorses
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  7. Already being old enough to comprehend some of the Attitude Era, everything since, and then going back to watch what I missed from the AE; I wouldn't want to relive any of that. I'd want to relive something that I still haven't really experienced, and that would have to be WCW from the early-mid nineties. Mainly just WCW before its last couple of years.
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  8. The Monday Night Wars/Attitude Era was the most exciting time to be a wrestling fan and was also the era that I fortunate enough to grow up in when I first became a fan, so anyone who knows me knows what I'm gonna choose. Some of the greatest gimmicks, promos, storylines, and memorable moments happened during this period, and the shows almost always felt like they were must-see events because you never knew what would happen next and who might be jumping ship from the other show.
  9. Monday Night Wars all the way, i would set up like 2 tvs and just try and watch both at the same time
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