What wrestling related features would you like here?

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  1. Don't go too crazy with these. But want to spice the site up a bit more, make it a new years resolution. Anonymous and I talk daily on features for this site, literally everyday we talk about how to improve it. Need some ideas though, we have a few and they're in development as we speak but there's no harm thinking of the future. It can be big ideas (not too big) or tiny features.

    I always like feedback, it's something I thrive on, so bring them on :emoji_slight_smile:. Not all suggestions, even if I like them will/can be made.


    But yeah, a list of features you'd like to see would be pretty handy. Any features you feel deserve a lengthy description can be placed into a thread of it's own and you can just link to it in your list.

    Shalom, Namaste, Happy Holidays.
  3. Lmao I always say thank you. Blame Xanth.
  4. Don't dare blame me.
  5. A thing like Awards but it's called:

    'Current Champion'

    For 500 posts, you earn the left strap.
    For 1,250 posts you earn the middle of the title.
    For 3,000 posts you earn the right strap, thus completing the title.

    You start with the US title, then Intercontinental, then Tag Team titles (You earn, for example, both left straps for 500 posts etc.) - After the tag team titles you can get the diva title if your Gender on here is set to female, if not you go onto the World Heavyweight Championship, then finally the WWE title.

    The posts needed for each title is:

    US Title - 3k
    Intercontinental - 6k
    Tag Team - 9k
    Diva Title (If applicable) - 12k
    World Title - 12k
    WWE Title - 15k

    That may seem a lot however it makes it different from the Awards where everyone can get them. You have to be really dedicated to reach 5k+ :emoji_slight_smile:

    I've seen a lot of people want this, and it can't be that hard too make. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Thank you. :emoji_heart:
  6. We currently have quite a few ideas planned on how to use championship straps. We're going for the MOTM (Member of the Month) Award to be using them first. With the winner having a title belt in it's own box on the post bit. If that winner wins it again next month, it'll say 2 Time Champion or something. If he loses it, then the belt goes to the other winner.

    Thing is with your idea is eventually lots of people will have a title belt, and it loses the prestige of it all. Want to use these so only one member has the title at one time, thus everyone competing for one title. Helps activity, post rate and boosts fun and competitiveness on the forum.
  7. 15k posts?
    Not many people is going to reach that.

    Mate, most people won't even reach Intercontinental.
  8. Eventually they will. Then we can't just take it off of them. But if the belts were smaller like awards (little bigger than that) we could use the My Achievements plugin to do it. Will think on it, but we'd still need someone to make the tiny belt images.
  9. Could just get normal size and re-size, I guess :/
  10. Could do I suppose. Will probably do something like that.
  11. Replace the avatars in the gallery with wrestlers.
    'Favourite PPV' under 'Favourite Superstar' in postbit.
  12. First idea is good and I'll more than likely do it later.
    The post_bit would look too messy with that added, I like it as small as possible.
  13. Most people's favourite PPV is going to be WrestleMania, unless you mean favourite PPV of all time they've seen then maybe. Don't want to mess it up though, post_bit looks really nice atm.
  14. A Live Discussions kindof thing (IRC type of thing) for PPV's would be good, maybe post ranks related with WWE titles perhaps?
  15. The live discussions take place in threads near the event. Hosting it on an IRC wouldn't do the site any good.

    As for post ranks, as we get more users hitting more posts we'll start to introduce some better ones like US Champion (different names though).
  16. Then have it display only on profiles.
  17. Thread discussions on realtime events are really ineffective for people to discuss every little thing that is happening. Having to wait for the page to load and read all the replies before replying to those, then realising 4 other people have replied while you were writing yours.

    There's no reason why we can't create a channel on an already existing IRC server, then simply replace the countdown (mentioned in another thread) with the IRC connection info or a link to a browser based client.
  18. I knew you'd want that since you're an IRC whore.

    But live discussion threads normally happen like this:

    *Event happens, no posts*
    *Event finishes, everyone posts and discusses it*

    And that happens throughout the show. There's never an issue with them, it does the site a whole load of good too. I think I'd prefer the amount of content/discussion we get with those threads to remain on site, rather than IRC. Even though it will break your heart.