What WWE Moment Made You Cringe?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Sep 14, 2014.

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  1. In other words what WWE moment did you think was stupid/in bad taste/horrible/hysterically bad?
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  3. The current Bella feud for starters. Some people actually thought it was going to be good, haha.
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  4. Trish and the dog barking.
    Mae Young and Mark Henry
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    This Bella Twins crap they've got going on right now
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  6. Katie Vick
    Big boss man hanging
    Miz winning the world title
    Miz main eventing WM
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  7. WWE as a whole is just cringeworthy.
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  8. That Katie Vick storyline... Gosh that was fucked.
  9. I tend to believe this moment was the Sharknado of wrestling. There is no way they could not predict it would be bad, I feel like they were making fun of themselves
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  10. Too many to name. WWE has such bad acting and cheesy storylines/segments in general that it's hard to pick only a few, but:

    -The Bellas feud that we're being subjected to as of late.

    -Katie Vick because it was such a desperate attempt to be "edgy" in the eyes pf the mainstream again, plus it contradicted literally everything that had been established about Kane's backstory and pulled focus away from what the real point of that feud was about, which was unifying the WHC and Intercontinental Championships with one another.

    -Nearly every Diva's feud from the past twelve years or so.

    -Hornswoggle being announced as the General Manager.

    -Mae Young and Mark Henry's "relationship."

    -Natalya's farting gimmick. Given McMahon's adolescent-like penchant for toilet humor, it's pretty easy to visualize who came up with this one.
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  11. 2 words: Owen Hart
  12. Pretty much any time a Samoan Drop is performed by The Usos. It's done so half-assed and lame that it's unbelievable.
  13. Not letting the Divas post for Playboy anymore.
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    It's okay, we can see them fully clothed in maxim now! *Insert yellow text*
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  15. This thread makes me wonder how WWE actually made it through to current day entertainment.

    Since I've been watching regularly in 2012, I'd say the way they buried the incredibly over Zack Ryder, decided to do Orton vs Big Show at Survivor Series, tried to bury Bryan and are doing shitty guest stars make me want to gtfo.
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