What WWE should try to bring back

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  1. You know what I wish they would start doing again? I wish heels, while in a squash match, would go for the pin, then lift the guys' arm up before the three count and continue beating on him. I used to love that little gimmick. The announcers would be all: "No he's not done yet! He wants to inflict more punishment!" I was such a mark for that. Well at least if a face didn't come down to make the save. That and in tag matches when the ref doesn't see the crucial tag, because the heels distracted him, and then the ref forces the hot tag back out so the other guy can get his ass kicked even more. I know they still do that one but very rarely. Those were both good ways to work in extra feuds. It was things like that, that would make Survivor Series, squash matches and tag team matches more relevant and interesting. I don't know if it would for sure work, but it's worth a try
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  2. I actually wish wrestling were real, I mean 100% real. That would make me actually watch again. Make the punches real, make the kicks real and make the body slams real. I hate MMA, but I would love that
    Career length would drop exponentially... I would keep the boots and wouldn't allow gloves. Piss and moan if you'd like but I didn't see people b****ing when 'Fight Club' came out either.
  3. You just described puro lol.
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  4. Do you mean real, competitive, "amateur-style" wrestling?

    Or do you mean "professional-style" wrestling, just competitive (as opposed to scripted)?

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    I mean professional style but stiff.... you know, just how a regular Hardcore Holly vs New Jack WWE match would go
    If things were this way, there would be no Daniel Bryan because Daniel Bryan's neck would be in a halo.. thats a win for me... a win for Big Sexy... and an FU to all the jacka**es stealing Kenta's sigs
  6. #BrandSplit
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  7. So, you mean going back to ECW-style matches?

  8. War Games. Please.
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  9. Na... I like it all to stay in the ring. Keep the save the weapons for the post match (for when New Jack errr...somebody just feel the need to be a d***)
    Basically, my dream fed would be Fight Club, but instead of Edward Norton and Brad Pitt fighting we would have Tank Abbott vs JBL tearing down the house
  10. Watch UFC 1 or IGF.
  11. Oic.


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