What? You want to lose money?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lacky, Nov 17, 2012.

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    I would like to thank PP prior to this bet winning.
  2. what? You can bet on wwe i didnt know that
  3. Ok...
  4. Yeah PaddyPower have been doing it for ages. Or should I say PaddyPower have been giving me free money for ages.
  5. Can see ZigZag men letting you down tbh.
  6. Yeah I would bet on Foley's team tbh.
  7. Possibly, doesn't matter though. Only £5. Think I've won something like nearly £1k from PP with WWE PPV's :obama:
  8. I need to get in on this tbh.
  9. That you do.
  10. I watched Raw online a few weeks back and it was under UK broadcasting... Every other commercial was for gambling. Just saying. LOL :haha:
  11. :notsure:
  12. Gotta' keep the economy floating somehow. Many people in the UK are unemployed so they turn to gambling. :pity:
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  13. Sounds like the US. My mom lost her house two years ago, found a way to buy another house and she gambles now more then ever. Like 5-7 days a WEEK! Sometimes 2 times in one day! She goes up to them internet gambling places. Its horrible.
  14. Gambling is fine as long as you treat it as nothing more than a cheap thrill IMO, we all should know that the only true winner is a bookie.
  15. Miz will be the sole survivor as they fuel a ship for his ass. Supermiz 2013 it'll happen.
  16. Completely agree. I feel sorry for the people who gamble win a little then blow it all for a massive loss. People need to know their limits.
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  17. Okay!! :otunga:
  18. Gambling is like alcohol. If you do it here and there and don't go over board with it, its fine. But when you do either in excess, they both will ruin your life.
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