Summerslam WhatCulture's 10 early predictions

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  1. 10. The New Day's Reign Comes To An End
    9. Becky Lynch Gets Her Revenge
    8. Sami Zayn Gets The Gold
    7. Sasha Banks Becomes The Alpha Female
    6. The Miz Gets His Comeuppance
    5. John Cena Vs. AJ Styles
    4. Brock Lesnar Defeats Randy Orton
    3. Finn Balor Climbs The Ladder
    2. Roman Reigns Makes A New Star
    1. Dean Ambrose Vs. Dolph Ziggler

    If you want to read their text below each prediction, go HERE to read them all.
    I didn't bother to put all the text cause I know a few of you don't care for What Culture. I personally find them funny. lol
    Share your thoughts... What you agree on, what you disagree on, and what you think will happen.
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    10. Yes. Gallows and Anderson will be new tag champs, baybay!

    9. Yes.

    8. Hopefully either him or Cesaro get the US gold.

    7. Oh, hell yes! The girls are going to put on one hell of a match once again.

    6. Depends on whom he'll be facing. The IC title tour has been fun so far, so I'd be fine with Miz not getting comeuppance.

    5. Cena "had the match won" at MITB, he's guaranteed to win this time and the feud is probably going to culminate at Backlash. Fine by me.

    4. Yes, Lesnar defeats Orton for sure. Looking forward to it, it's going to be a good match. Plus, I'm totally marking out for a F5 into RKO counter.

    3. It'd be a bold move and I'd mark out, but I see Rollins winning, which is cool. I love both guys.

    2. Roman puts someone over at SummerSlam? That'd be great. Hopefully it's KO.

    1. Ambrose wins clean as a sheet. I don't see this feud being anything more than just a one-off.
  3. Very, very unlikely. WWE will never waste a SummerSlam event on a one-off event, especially in this "new era". Look at all the past SummerSlam events, and none have been one-offs. It was either a plot point in the feud, or the blow-off of the feud, but the feud almost always ran more than 3 weeks.
  4. Well, color me surprised if Ambrose/DZ doesn't culminate at SummerSlam.

    If you end up being right after all, then more power to ya.
  5. The winner of AJ v Cena will probably go onto face Ambrose, so yeah, I think it's a filler.
  6. Inb4 flo rida interference
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