Whatever happened to Justin King?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. I never see him anymore. My favorite ref :((
  2. Is he the black one that gropes divas?
  3. He's still employed by WWE. He is in good health from what I know, maybe just waiting to use him for silly segments in the future, or even training him more. It's possible he does backstage work as well. I have no confirm knowings of his activity though, no sources have been able to confirm what he is doing at the moment, but his Twitter is active here and there.
  4. He has a legitimate twitter? I've only seen a parody twitter that said like 'wweblackref' or some shit.
  5. Never mind then. Since Titus and Natalya follow that account, I assumed it to be his.
  6. People have favorite refs?
  7. D'Z is just trying to be hip and cool by vocally "fanboying" over a black ref :pity2:
    Can't fool me :pity1:
  8. Is it that hard to be a ref that you need to get re-trained? Holy shit.
  9. It seems there are lots of little intricacies to make a good ref, AWV did a pretty decent piece about it.
    Show Spoiler


    It sounds basic but I can see why it'd need work to be good at it.

    You'll probably ask for a tl:dr so here it isn't.

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    :finger: take 2 minutes to read it.
  10. I've literally been a Justin King fan since before you signed up. My King fandom pre-dates WWEF, actually. Ask Crayo, I've marked for the guy since he's known me.

  11. upload_2014-1-26_10-20-49.png

    Favorite ref
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