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  1. Can anyone doubt his intensity? I thought the ending last night was awesome when they zoomed in on his face. I was incredibly surprised that the smart-mark crowd were actually chanting for him earlier on, and then gave him a huge pop when he came in during the main event. Honestly, if he's booked like a tweener, he could be huge.
  2. I think it might be more of people hating Cena so much that they cheered for the other guy. I know that was the case for me. I marked at the Rumble when Ryback was owning Cena for a bit, and I marked last night when he "turned".

    And I am not a fan of Ryback at all lmfao. I actually I think he's pretty lame, but just about anyone beats Cena at this point. Hell, I might have even cheered/marked for Sheamus or Miz if they were in Ryback's shoes...
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    ok, I wouldn't but still
  3. IF he's booked right, like he was tonight, he could be a really entertaining character. They seem to have learned their lesson from the Cenas, the Ortons, The Sheymooses, and they have kept him a little edgier. Unpredictability is one of the main things fans look for in a wrestling show and at the moment Ryback is unpredictable which is great.
  4. They were chanting for him before he interacted with Cena though. When he came down in the main event, they were singing his theme and chanting feed me more before he even touched Cena.
  5. I agree, I think they would have cheered Sheamus against Cena last night.

    BTW i'm not a big Ryback fan either, but i'll change my mind if he has a solid 20-30 min match.
  6. I like him, but I think his cheers were intensified due to the fact he was involved with Cena.
  7. Last night's crowd was hot for him but I take it with a grain of salt. Let's see how intense Ryback feels when he is in front of 15k apathetic children and their parents in some hickville city in Arkansas or something.
  8. Sure he can be a great tweener, I don't really like too much Ryback now, I preferred the NXT and Nexus Ryback
  9. I don't like him but I can try to learn to tolerate him. He clearly isn't going anywhere :upset:
  10. Sure he's going somewhere, to WWE's trash can
  11. The same trash can as cena. Ryback is great imo.
  12. The character has taken an intriguing twist but I'm still not sold on the performer tbh. He just lacks something for me, obviously the marks love him usually (although the feed me more in his entrance seems a bit piped in IMO) so yeah he'll become a star but I can't get behind him.
  13. I agree that he is missing something.. ring skills that make him worth watching for me and versatility.
  14. Ryback is not Cena. I know we hate on Cena but Ryback sounds like an idiot.
    "I DIDN'T TOUCH YOU, STUPID" - Got em ryback, got em.
  15. That's the odd thing he was decent as Skip Sheffield working 10 minute matches although he never blew me away but he did enough but ever since he's taken up the Ryback persona again he's fallen flat. Whether it's the character limiting him or just him regressing god only knows.
  16. I can't recall any match he had as Skip Sheffield. I remember liking him just because of his look and the moves he would do during 6 on 1 attacks. But as far as matches? I remember him from the Summerslam match, but 10 minute matches? Unless you are talking about NXT
  17. I am plus his work in FCW was decent too.
  18. Ryback is awesome, one of the few characters I actually like atm along with Punk, Bryan and Ziggler.
  19. I for one feel like it's character limitation. Either that or he's nervous, because the guy regressing like that would be really weird imo.
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