What's all this talk about City not investing being the reason why they lost?

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  1. First off, Mancini started spitting his dummy out blaming the lack of investment in the summer for a reason why they haven't done better this year, but it's not at all.

    1) His horrific tactical decisions. Probably why they were out of Europe so easily as bottom of the group.

    2) His top players simply not showing up due to complacency. How average has Aguero been this year? How on/off has Tevez been this year? Once again, that's a management issue, he needs to get the best out of his players.

    3) Simply not playing well enough. City looked unbearably good last year, and now, they look rather average. They have the same players, so once again, this is a management issue.

    City still have THE best squad in the BPL, and that's coming from a MU fan. If I were to merge the teams, this would be my team:

    GK - Joe Hart (MC)
    RB - Zabaleta (MC)
    CB - Vincent Kompany (MC)
    CB - Vidic (MU)
    LB - Clichy (MC)
    CDM - Yaya Toure (MC)
    CDM - Michael Carrick (MU)
    RM - David Silva (MC)
    CAM - Rooney (MU)
    LM - Tevez (MC)
    ST - Van Persie (MU)

    7 out of the 11 players are from City, and I have still left out the likes of Aguero, Nasri, Nastasic, Dzeko, etc. I get United have a dope squad as well, but City have no excuses. No "lack of investment" or "United have luck", none of that crap imo. They've simply not turned up.

    What do you think?
  2. Just turned on Sky Sports and have found a new excuse.

    "Everyone who plays against United play soft, because they see it as a difficult game to win" -- That's how United have more or less won the title. Thanks Mancini.
  3. :lol1:

    Bunch of sore losers if you ask me. They're playing with the same team that won the league last year with even better players, at that, but once they lose its a problem. It's simple: ManU is playing better this year. They spent less and are getting more out of their players and are producing better results. Mancini is probably mad that he spent so much for a 2nd place team. If you look on paper, you'd think that City would be a bonefide winner in the league but that's not the case, which ends me to think its a management issue.

    Also I'm surprised you picked Zabaleta over Rafael after how hard you've been dickriding him so far.
  4. Couldn't agree more. They panic buyed for no reason in the summer (Javi Garcia, Maicon, and Sinclair), as Mancini literally struggles to win anything without some type of investment. Silly stuff. I like him most of the time, but his excuses piss me off.
  5. Bought a bunch of glorified bench players for a team that doesn't need them. Once Mancini realizes that not only money but good managing, tactics, and strategies bring in titles.
  6. I'm worried that he'll actually be replaced with a really good manager though :sad:.

    Chelsea are more or less certain to get Mourinho. United will have a tough time next season.
  7. Take nothing away from Mancini, he's still a great manager which was evident with him winning the title last year, it's just his policy and the way he thinks that needs changi

    Chelsea will be deadly next year. I see it being one of the toughest seasons yet. Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool in top 5 with the first 3 fighting for the t
  8. I don't see Liverpool being there.

    Chelsea with Mourinho are instantly back in the title race. Man City will bounce back with a huge summer signing before the financial fair play system comes into play. Arsenal have £110 million or something stupid to spend on PLAYERS and WAGES -- deadly combination. Spurs -- if they keep Bale -- are only going to get better, and will reinvest from the prize money of a high BPL place AND Champions League. And of course Man United will still be in the title race.
  9. My view is obviously biased but I disagree. I see them qualifying for atleast Europa League. I keep forgetting about Arsenal, throw them in there to form my top 6 for next season, it can go anyway. Spurs are shit without Bale, they aren't a bad team but he's the glue to the squad and without him they crumble, which we saw yesterday in their match.

    Chelsea have so much young talent as well: Hazard, Oscar, Courtouis, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Ake, McEachrean... Give them a couple years after all these players have matured and they will be ridiculous

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  10. If Liverpool scrape Europa League, then yet again they are littered with more matches than their rivals. Furthermore, they don't have the same amount of funds as their competitors, or the appeal, since they aren't in the champions league. Tottenham are nothing without Bale? Come on, drawing with Everton is a good result -- Everton are a great team. Obviously Liverpool will be in the top 6, but I see them as fighting for 6th spot with Everton than pushing for CL football.

    And yeah Chelsea have a decent youth system.
  11. I wouldn't go as far as to say they're shit but it's a massive downgrade not having him on the field, luckily he's only out for 2 weeks.

    Liverpool's situation at the start of next season depends on one thing and one thing only: if Suarez gets sold. I'm 50/50 on it. On one hand if we sell him we will have a lot of money to spend (we could easily get 40 maybe even 50 mil for him) but on the other I'm not sure if anyone will be able to step up and score all the goals next year, Sturridge had a nice start to his career at Anfield but now were starting to see why he never got any chances at Chelsea.

    The one thing I want to happen this summer, Suarez or not, is see Eriksen end up in a Liverpool kit. I'm dying to have him at Anfield next season. How we'll be able to convince him to come if Suarez leaves is beyond me but if he doesn't we have enough money to get him.

    Since we're on the topic of transfer speculation who does United have their eye on this summer?
  12. Nice post. I see Suarez going, because Guardiola wants him, and it's so hard to say no to Guardiola + Bayern Munich -- a team that will win trophies. I dunno if you'll get 40-50 because I have no idea how long he has left on his contract, but if he goes, I dunno who you can even replace him with.

    The strikers I see as on Suarez's level are:


    Probably missing a few, but Liverpool couldn't attract any of those. You'll need to buy a rising star -- like Suarez was, and Torres was -- and develop them into another global superstar. I'm unsure who that striker is at the moment

    Eriksen is actually a target I'm looking for as well for United, and I see him going to a CL club definitely. United themselves will want to buy wingers. Valencia and Nani have been crap this season, and Giggs has been probably our best winger at 40 years old. James Rodriguez is the name on the tip of my tongue, I can see United bagging him. I also think we might get a box-to-box CM, and that's why I reckon Eriksen might be a realistic target.
  13. You pretty much got everyone I'd put on the list. Only person I'd add would maybe be Cavani.
    Suarez actually signed a brand new contract a month or two ago (based on performance), but I see him going to Bayern over Juventus and I think it's inevitable that he's leaving. Naturally, I wish Eriksen would go to Liverpool over United but it would not be a bad signing for them. James Rodriguez is a good young player as well, you can definitely tempt him to join United.
  14. Definitely Cavani -- knew I forgot someone. He seems destined for Man City. Huntelaar ain't bad either actually. James Rodriguez is dope, but Porto are stubborn and I reckon they'd want a lot for him.
  15. Huntelaar is pretty great as well. Cavani always goes to Man City in career mode on Fifa 13.
  16. david villa? Still a world class player just unlucky he plays in the same team as messi can see him in the prem next season also missed out gomez
  17. Villa is like 31 and is starting to lose it.
  18. And Mandzukic has completely outshined Gomez this year. Stepped up with Gomez's injury and now he starts while Mario rides the bench.
  19. Was going to say him aswell weren't sure how to spell his name though lol id say balotelli is world class aswell just needs to sort his attitude out
  20. Wouldn't put either in the same ranks as yet, but both are still world class. None would go to Liverpool either. Really tough market for strikers now. You need to buy potential like we did with Chicharito, and what Liverpool did with Suarez.
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