What's been going on?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SpaceR, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. What has been going on in wrestling lately? Haven't been watching in 3 months.
  2. Nothing good really.

    CM Punk is still WWE Champion, He's feuding with Daniel Bryan over the WWE Title and Kanes been added to it. AJ's gone all stalker on all of three of them.
    Sheamus won the World Title off Daniel Bryan in 19 seconds (Fucking bullshit.) He's now feuding with Alberto Del Rio which is the most boring thing ever.
    Christian returned and won the IC Title off Rhodes, They're currently feuding over it.
    Santino is still US Champion.
    Tag team champs are Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. Tag division is fucking terrible at this moment.
    Diva's Champion is Layla she won it off one of the Bella's before they left WWE.

    Brock Lesnar came back, He's feuding with Triple H and currently they're going with a "I Quit" storyline and Brock has quit WWE. Paul Heyman has also come back during this.

    Basically the only half decent thing is Brock and Triple H but that's just playing out crappy at the moment. So nothing good has happened.
  3. on a side note, Tag team action has been heating up around the champions R-truth and kofi, mostly same ish, different city.
  4. Not much is the perfect answer tbh.
  5. You're just in time to see kane win the wwe title =)
  6. What happened to that Laurenitus and Cena shit?
  7. That's all it is. Shit. Cena is gonna fight Show in a cage match, if Cena wins John is fired, if Show wins John is fired.
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