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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aaron, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. I'm new here, old wrestling fan...Haven't watched for a long time, the first thing I saw since my return to watching was the Royal Rumble, I've been watching Raw, not yet watched Smackdown; What's the deal with Smackdown/Raw now, is it all back to normal I.e not some weird roster draft?

    What's the deal with the shield? Were they all single fighters before coming together, do they ever wrestle separately?

    What happened to Undertakers/Chris Jerico/HHH/Christians hair?

    Bald Undertaker just seems a bit weird.
  2. Welcome to the site.

    - There is currently no real brand split going on. Separate GMs using the same roster.

    - The Shield debuted as a unit back at Survivor Series, taking out Ryback so CM Punk could retain the WWE title. They are wrestlers from WWE's developmental system NXT. Seth and Dean are former independent wrestlers (Seth a ring of honor world champion and Dean a combat zone world champion). Roman Reigns is the son of one of the wild samoans and cousin of the Rock and a former football player. They do some singles matches on the NXT show which only features developmental wrestlers (guys who have not yet reached the main roster) and some lower carders.

    - Undertaker only wrestles once a year now. He cut his hair during the time between mania 27 and 28 and never grew it out again. Christian cut his long ago (like 2003) and Jericho cut his in 2006, around the same time that his rock band took off.

    Hope that helps.
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  3. That clears up most of my hair related questions, a few more if you don't mind filling in the gaps?

    Why did The Rock win the Heavyweight title, cameo champions are poor...As as far as I was concerned wasn't John Cena a massive face? Was never going to be favoured over possibly the biggest face in recent WWE times (minus maybe Stone Cold or [Insert Mick Foley Character Here]), Is face vs face common now? Never used to be when I watched wrestling previously.

    When did Money In The Bank start, I feel like I've missed possibly the best introduction of anything in wrestling for a long time?

    Is there ever any proper extreme matches any more (I see the next PPV is Extreme Rules?)

    Is there still any lightweight fighters? Mysterio etc?

    Answering the roster question above I presume I should be watching Smack Down as well is there is now crossovers properly again.

    Apologies for all the questions just want to fill in any gaps as really enjoying watching wrestling again.
  4. No worries.

    - The Rock returned to the WWE at Wrestlemania 27 as the special host. He has since then appeared part time and promoted WWE in media. Most of this time has been spent in a feud with Cena over who is the best from the respective generation (Cena is a big face but is also booed massively since he is very very stale). Face vs Face is not that common. Rock got the belt due to ratings also because he is the fricking Rock.

    - The first MITB match was in 2005. It used to be at mania and there was only one briefcase that qualified for both the world and WWE title. When it got its own ppv they split it in one match per brand.

    - Extreme matches like in the 90's are few and far in between. WWE are working a much safer style nowadays (no chair shots to the head for example). This since medical science has advanced so much and the Benoit case (Benoit went insane and murdered his family and himself, the autopsy pointed out that his brain was beaten to a pulp and likely was a factor). Other factors are Linda McMahon's two failed political careers and WWE now being a stockholder company (McMahon family still being majority holders). They still do Extreme matches but not like in the 90's. Blading is forbidden now.

    - There are a couple of lightweights in the WWE. Mysterio is still around but close to retirement. His knees are destroyed. Sin Cara was supposed to be his heir but he is injury prone. Then there is Justin Gabriel. The best high flyer in the WWE is Adrian Neville, a British wrestler from Newcastle currently in NXT. He is arguably the best high flyer in the world right now.

    Case in point.

    - There are some guys used more on Smackdown than on RAW and vice versa. Smackdown features more younger talents like Cody Rhodes (son of Dusty Rhodes and brother of Goldust) for example whilst RAW is the flagship show. Smackdown is the home of the World heavyweight title and intercontinental title traditionally.

    Got anymore questions?
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  5. Its ok man :emoji_slight_smile:
    Money in the Bank started at Wrestlemania 21 and became its own PPV in 2011.

    The only extreme matches are basically Extreme rules PPV matches and any Falls Count Anywhere matches for live SuperShows.

    Mysterio is still with the company but hes injured at the moment, there is also Sin Cara, Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Epico and Primo.

    Hope that helps you :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. - Rock brought mainstream interest and got a lot of people watching Raw when he was on so he got the title, Cena is still a huge face but he's always booed due to people finding his character stale (you'll get used to the dynamic pretty quickly)

    - MITB started 2005 and has produced some great matches, it's really fun usually. The cash ins are usually markout worthy too.

    - There are occasional Brock Lesnar and Cena had a pretty good one last year not sure if you've seen it so here it is :

    - Rey is still around there isn't a specific division any more however, try TNA if you're interested in that their X Division is now a CW division essentially.

    - Smackdown is usually pretty bad IMO alot is filler without much major happening, stories tend to really happen on Raw.

    Ask any questions you have also, someone will answer them as soon as possible.

    Also welcome to the site.
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  7. Thanks for the replies guys (and the nice welcome) , saves me trawling the internet for ages finding out what I want to know.

    I think that pretty much covers it. It's a shame there isn't as much hardcore matches these days, I miss the old NAO vs Cactus Jack/Terry Funk dumpster matches....Appears a fair amount of the humour has been drained out of the WWE at the moment, Chris Jerico is still his usual self...Presume I've not missed much of the funny side of things?
  8. There is some humor. It's just been refocused into other things. With WWE becoming more family friendly the comedy has become more well rounded. Less South Park, more watered down the Simpsons.
  9. In comparison to when I last saw WWE, it's clearly been pushed towards a more family "tv show" which I totally get, case in point would be the fact that my wife watches it with me.

    I'm older than when I watched it at the ages of 5-14 so I guess I see it more of a soap opera/drama now (not meaning to offend) but it seems to sit better with me as that.
  10. Yeah thats the way i see it too
  11. Yeah. Wrestling has always been a drama in a sports universe in my book. The 90's was just a more hectic time with the Monday Night wars and all (I wasn't watching at the time) and they did more desperate things to get ahead.
  12. I agree I love sports, and I love TV dramas, I guess the difference to 10/15 years ago when I watched it was that the production and filming was a fair bit lower to now so despite knowing it was fake it was almost shot "mocumentary" however it's a lot more polished now so it's easier to categories with standard TV dramas.
  13. Welcome to the site Aaron!
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