What's Dolph and Miz doing at No Way Out?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. With Orton and Jericho suspended, what are these two going to be doing at NWO? It's likely Miz could miss the card completely. But what about Dolph?
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  2. Dolph vs Swagger

    Anything else is a fail
  3. Good choice Dolph's..
    Glad he's going to have a singles match again.
  4. Dolph Vs. Swagger
    Santino Vs The Miz (Could be Otunga not sure.)
  5. I'd lol hard if they did Miz/Santino on the pre show again. Would be fitting considering how little they care about Santino's reign as 'champ' (the US Title is an accessory at this point more than a legitimate championship)
  6. I'd rage if Miz is on the pre-show. But he did draw a nice YT number.
  7. Ryder outdrew him before OTL didn't he? :dawg: :pity: :haha: :true:
  8. I believe they drew quite evenly with Miz being a bit more of a draw but not by much. That's what I heard at least.
  9. I didn't watch either match, I just thought I remembered Hoss saying something about the # of viewers during the Ryder/Kane match being a bit higher in the discussion thread.
  10. It was all Santino :true:
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  11. I saw both but I don't remember the exact numbers. I remember Crayo saying Miz drew like insanely much. I also remember drawing like a boss but no exact numbers. Crayo is a bit bias towards Miz though I'll give you that.
  12. :urm:

    Run, run for the hills before Crayo reads this
  13. I'd put Ziggler against Swagger, it's the best choice for sure. I don't think they'll have Clay bury Miz again, so he'll probably not be on the card.
  14. Rofl no. Ryder/Kane which was advertised like a bitch on RAW and SmackDown (because Vince saw the potential after Miz's pre-show numbers) drew like 20k+ less than Miz's which was a one-time announced thing. At one point Ryder's was like 10k behind according to Big Hoss but from the majority it was a mile behind.

    Not sure how pointing out numbers is being bias either :urm:
  15. Crayo throwing numbers left and right in order to fool himself. :dawg:

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