What's For Dinner, or Lunch, or Breakfast.. aka Whatcha eating?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Just Kevin, Feb 8, 2014.

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  1. I love to cook... you could even say it's a passion of mine... probably why I'm 5'11" yet I weigh 300 lbs., but that's beside the point..

    Back to topic...

    I would love to know what everybody's favorite recipes are... perhaps even get some new recipes to try out myself. What are you're favorite styles of cooking? What is your general feeling toward cooking? JUST WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT COOKING!

    Looking forward to seeing the responses and responding to them!

  2. I have the body of a Japanese beauty guru. So it's obvious that I do not eat.

    @Big Boss won't allow me to eat.

    But really, I love making Mini Pizza's. You get that like those wrap bases (No idea what they are called I just grab them lol! ) and put any topping you want on there, In the oven for 10 Minutes, And the best part about it is that you can cook at least 4 at one time.
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  3. Left over KFC. #cheappopsfromtheblackcommunity
  4. lol... I hope you heat it up first... cold chicken is just nasty!
  5. @Big Boss should be ashamed!

    I like Mini pizzas as well... but everytime I fix them they come out look like mini versions of Papa John's EBA pizza.. I put way too much stuff on 'em.
  6. Me and my dad make home-made food on the regular e.g. Spaghetti Bolognese, Curry, Cottage Pie.

    Besides from that, nothing crazy, although Chip Shops (UKFag lol) are nice, and McDonalds, Subway etc. is also nice.

    Also, down the road from my college is a pastry/bakery shop called Parsons, who make godly pasties. I wonder if @Omnipotent has tried Parsons before..
  7. Can't say I have, no. The pasty shops I tend to go to are Warrens, Rose, Philps, Lancaster, and then local bakeries and such.
  8. @Lord Ovalhead What does Cottage Pie consists of? Is it like Shepherd's Pie?
  9. I dig prawns cooked in garlic and butter with some Bacon. I'd recommend 12 mins on a moderate heat. Add some chill powder with 3 mins to go. Squeeze half a lemon or lime on top just before serving.

    A decent way to cheat on chicken tikka is curry powder and cream cheese also sounds odd but its a pretty dope easy cook up.
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  10. One has lamb mince the other beef I think. I'd assume Shepherd is baby sheep.
  11. Bacon wrapped around the prawns or just added to the pan for flavor?
  12. Buy a bag of Doritos. Eat the Doritos.
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  13. I tend to throw it in the pan during cooking chopped up but if you wanted to wrap them I'm sure you could.
  14. Make some guacamole dip to dip them in first lol
  15. Cool, I'll give it a try sometime this coming week.. Thanks!
  16. I had lasagna
  17. You can have more tossed salad tomorrow.
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  18. I usually love cooking considering my heritage gives me a lot of food to work with. I usually cook pretty often, unless someone else in my house is willing to. Today's a lazy day so I had noodles for lunch (stereotypical amirite), but I'll probably have something more diverse for dinner.
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  19. Some homemade sauced chicken tenders, green beans, and a side salad is what I'll be having in an hour or so.
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  20. Can't I just have one slice of pizza? I promise i'll take little bites.
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