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  1. So guys n' gals..what's for dinner tonight? Me? Well, I had eggs and whatnot for breakfast, andddd the people in my house are having breakfast burritos for dinner. So not in the mood for eggs n shit again. What you guys havin?
  2. I was planning on getting takeout pizza calzone with pepperoni and donner meat, but I already had food in the fridge... Being privileged made me sad.
  3. Damn you Coon. Pizza Calzone sounds sooooooooooofucking good. :((
  4. Place I get it from make it so good, it tastes like they wrapped the virgin mary's fetus in her vagina skin and sprayed god's semen on top of it and other offensive words.
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  5. Oh sweet baby Jesus send me one. Please. I beg of you Coon :why:
  6. Parmesan chicken,roast potatoes,and, green beans.:gusta:
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  7. Awww mannnn, no fair. No fair to the both of you. Yeah, you and Coon! Hey, how's about everyone, my house, next week, dinner?
  8. Well damn breakfast burritos sound amazing. I had some chicken and some other nasty shit.
  9. Normally yeah it does, but already had that shit for breakfast. Bout to be all like ":finger:Fuck you all, I'm goin to get me some pizza", to the family. Mmmmaybe. Then again, it's the girlfriends family I'm having dinner with. Wait, the more reason TO do that, right?
  10. We had roast beef, carrots, corn, and mashed potatoes.
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  11. Homemade chili
  12. Ham,scalloped potatoes and a salad.
  13. Well guys, dinner was finally made. I made some breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs, sausage, shredded cheese, cooked ham, and hashbrowns. Anyone want some before they're gone?
  14. Ate Subway while walking home. People gave me attitude while making the food, and while I was getting my drink, some random guy was knocking on the window beside me and had his face against the glass.
  15. Cheez-its [​IMG]
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Confused as to how that's a pity... Domino's is GOAT
  18. You always eat Dominos :pity1:
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