What's going to happen with the IC title?

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  1. Vacate the title

  2. Keep the title on DB while injured

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  1. So, knowing DB is hurt and out indefinitely... What do you think it's going to happen with the IC title?

    I think they're going to do the exact same thing they did last year when he won the WWE-WHC and strip him of the title. It'll prolly be the same old "LOL. You cannot defend the title every 30 days b/c you're hurt, therefore we have to strip you of your title." shtick.

    Granted, Bryan being stripped of the championship is probably gonna cause some fan outrage, but stripping him of the title might be the right thing to do here.

    On the other hand, WWE went about 4-5 months without the WWE-WHC when Lesnar was the champion...
    So, this begs the question... Should they really pretend like the IC title is now being looked at as more important than the company's major title after like 4-5 years of irrelevancy? Seems like an interesting subject.

    If the title does get vacated, then they might as well do a Battle Royal to determine the new IC champion.
  2. He should get stripped, Brock being away was like 'I'm so badass, nobody is going to do shit about me not defending the title'. Bryan being a mega babyface, that reasoning wouldn't work.

    They should have done a KOTR style tournament to determine a champ, but instead they had to go and do a random KOTR for no real reason and with no real prize.
    I'm not interested in yet another Battle Royale. That's just lazy booking.
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  3. I gotta say vacate the title, let Barrett obtain it somehow.
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  4. *cough* Battle royal *cough*
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  5. Sheamus/Ziggler.

    Barrett is King so he just gonna do that.
  6. Vacate it.

    Or better yet: Have R-Truth relaunch his pre wrestlemania clepto gimmick and shoot a segment of him breaking into the Bryan household and steal it.
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  7. Curtis axel. Close thread.
  8. I would probably get a nice chuckle out of this scenario

    Not again.. pleasee.. I wanna see him tag with Slater.
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    They'll vacate it just as they should. And rather than doing the usual standard stuff like holding a battle royal to crown a new champion, I personally think they should go a different route and just have The Authority hand the Intercontinental Championship over to Barrett instead. Simply giving him the title without making him have to earn it first would be a good way of drawing some heat onto him and The Authority (remember when Bischoff just handed the World Heavyweight Championship over to HHH himself back in 2002?) and they could use the twisted heel logic of saying that since Barrett was the last champion before Bryan, is guaranteed a rematch, and never actually got pinned or forced into submission to lose the title at Wrestlemania, that makes him next in line as far as people who deserve to be the Intercontinental Champion the most go. The fact that he just won the King Of The Ring tournament could be further justification for it. (And since Kane was the one who booked the ladder match for the belt at Wrestlemania and since he's also been aggravating The Authority as of late, HHH could have a passing line about how unfair it was of Kane to force Barrett to defend the championship in a multi-man ladder match in the first place, just as a way of taking a jab at Kane.)

    This is all assuming Barrett is the one who wins the title, which he may not. Could very well be Sheamus that wins it instead.
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  10. I think Mideon is going to find the IC title in the trash
  11. Yeah, they really should give Barrett the belt if it's given they'll strip DB.
  12. regular Mideon.....or naked?
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