whats happened to the mobile site

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Gav back in the championship, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. the background sometimes turns black instead of been white which it normally is
  2. Fine for me constantly tho on mobile site.
  3. Do you use the gomobile theme, tapatalk or do you just browse normally?
  4. GoMobile is indeed messed up. The blue is now white.
  5. Yeah i just use the standard one an sometimes switch to the main site. Speaking of which on the mobile version there is a link to the main site is there one for switching back to the mobile version? If not could there be? As it would save having to delete my net history to get the mobile version back on my phone.
  6. You could just change your theme via the user CP to GoMobile, but that would also make it your default theme, meaning it would be GoMobile on the desktop too.

    Edit: added link to the footer, just below the mybb copyright to the left.
  7. MyBB really needs a better mobile theme, period.

    No idea why it's messing up, does the normal version work well for you on your phone?
  8. the web version is ok but a bit awkward
  9. Unfortunately, the mobile theme is still here. Well, atleast for me.

    I wish I could turn it off somehow :s
  10. Cheers for that link tried an tested works well.
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