What's in store for Brock Lesnar and The Shield next?

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  1. Undoubtedly The Shield will go down in history as one of the most dominating groups if not the only one.As a group they are great.Recently when they attempted to attack The Undertaker, it got me thinking about what their plans are. Do they want to make another huge impact? If so, then for what?Again they attacked 3MB and when 3MB called them out - SURPRISE! Here comes ''The Freak'' Brock Lesnar who beats all 3MB black and blue.This may be a sign of a planned alliance of Lesnar and Paul Heyman with The Shield. And if that is so , will The Shield work for Lesnar and Heyman just as they did for Punk?
    The ''Big'' question is : Is this a sign from Brock Lesnar that he will take help from The Shield to beat Triple H in their match at ER , as Lesnar now knows he cannot beat The Game on his own?
    And what about The Shield's equation with Taker?
    What's your take on the future of Lesnar , Paul Heyman and The Shield?
  2. Of course a beast like Lesnar would need help in defeating someone like The Game. It's not like he's a UFC Champion or someone who made HHH tap cleanly in their first encounter or anything. Man, that ending pisses me off because it's so plausible to imagine happening, because otherwise why would The Shield even try to surround HHH on Smackdown in the first place? Actually, if they're just gonna job Lesnar out twice in a row (or book Lesnar having to cheat to win a second time), then why even put him over the first time around. How many times does he have to lose to Triple H to convince us that his Summerslam victory was indeed a fluke.

    I'm hoping what happens in regards to that is that Lesnar wins and while Triple H is giving some sort of speech the next night about it, The Shield come out and destroy him (or attempt to.) This leads to a feud between them that results in a match at the Payback PPV, which would indeed live up to it's name in that case. (I'm just praying The Shield doesn't job there against a Triple H captained team, or even worse, a handicap elimination two out of three falls match against HHH.)

    I personally think it's plausible Ryback is beating Cena for the WWE Title, with The Shield (ironically) helping Ryback to win the title. But I'm probably still siding with an earlier prediction - they'll book it similarly to Cena/Brock last year with Ryback destroying Cena the majority of the match (probably not quite as much offense as Brock got, but still very dominant) and then at the very end, Cena makes a small comeback and gets the win. I see Ryback being sling-shooted into the corner and his head hits the steel post and then Cena rolls him up for the three count, with him kicking out just barely after the three count. He then destroys Cena after the match and lays the title on top of him and walks out.
  3. i wouldn't go there if i were you. ryback kicking out after he hita the steel post, huh? i think this match will be booked in a way so that cena gets much of the credit(remember he needs that so badly now). you may be right regarding the domination of ryback over cena in the 1st half though. but i see cena struggles his way back and beats ryback in a way nobody thought he would. wwe is trying their best to make cena the hero he was in 2007-08. and forget about ''small comebacks''.
  4. What's so implausible about him kicking out after hitting a steel post? He still gets pinned, I just think he kinda kicks out right when the three count hits as well. The logic is that Cena just barely survives Ryback, and a roll up illustrates that as opposed to just laying Ryback completely out or forcing him to submit. Unless they're gonna switch the title to Ryback, they need a clever way for Ryback to get out of this without looking like a complete loser bitch again, given his less-than-impressive track record at winning matches already.
  5. it's not about ryback ''kicking out after he hit the post'' it's about cena fighting a brutal brawl with ryback in which ryback will dominate 1st half and then it'll be back and forth style......................Understand it's about cena geetting over ''you can't wrestle'' and ''boring'' chants. plus cena must give us a hardcore match to prove himself worthy of the title.hope ya get that KLocky.
  6. Ok, I kind of said that myself when I said Ryback probably shouldn't get quite as much offense as Lesnar (although I still feel Ryback should dominant the last third of the match to build sudden surprise when Cena does get the roll up victory.) Also, Cena will never get past the boring chants. He's already proven himself plenty by now (he just celebrated his eighth year as a main eventer this month) and one more match with Ryback isn't gonna make his haters shift their opinion on him.
  7. Cena will never get over those chants. It's less about Cena being boring and bad in the ring and more about how he's booked. Ironically, those chants will just get louder and louder because of him beating Ryback.

    I agree with Klockards way to book this. Keeps Ryback looking like a beast, makes Cena look vulnerable and can help continue the feud on. Will honestly be surprised if it doesn't get booked like this.
  8. Brock get help from the Shield at E.Rules against HHH!?
  9. maybe cena will never get off those boos but now it's time to get over it coz it's not favourable for wwe .moreover punk vs cena match truely shut up ALL THOSE CHANTS for good . but then after rock-cenaII he won and fans went at him again. a brutal match with rybackj may just do what that match did shut 'em all up
  10. Long break for Lesnar and Shield will probably stick together until the winter.
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