What's in store for Rey Mysterio?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Asskicker, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. I just started thinking about Rey as I miss him so much and haven't seen him in a long time. When he returns, What do you guys think is next for him! Post your responses!
  2. Upper Mid-Card...
    Good merchandise sales...
    Feud with Barret, Rhodes, Sin Cara...
  3. I would like to see him come back for one more run as I figure he's got to be pretty close to retirement. I think having him work a program with guys like Rhodes or Ziggler could punt them up into the main event scene for real.

  4. It saddens me that he is close to retirement and WWE never gave him a legit run with the WWE title. The day he lost it I was so heartbroken. He's in my Top 5 even though I'm like Booker and I just switch it up
  5. Returns, feuds with Alberto Del Rio until WM. Then I guess he'll be used like he has been the last few years. Main eventer who feuds with up and comers. I wish they used him to revitalize the tag-team division.
  6. Del Rio face turn and then form a tag team with Mysterio? It makes no sense, but that'd be sweet!
  7. Del Rio with Rey could be possible.
  8. Mysterio just dont have what it takes to be a main eventer for me. His matches get so expectable.
  9. Wow, I miss Rey, WWE needs a guy like him who you can always expect a good match from. When ADR comes back, Rey will obviously feud with him.

    Hmm... I assume that when Ryder's healthy he'll have his rematch then feud with Kane... Punk and Cena will take turns fighting Jericho for the belt... My guess is Rey vs. Ziggler, Kofi vs. Miz, and either R-Truth or Mason Ryan vs. Swagger (to avoid Kofi vs. Dolph and R-Truth vs Miz yet again) and the other team with Santino to go after the tag belts.

    Dammit, I'm thinking again. Stupid brain. He'll just be in random pointless matches on Raw.
  10. Rey Rey vs. Del Rio, they never had the 1-on-1 PPV match. I'm pretty sure they will wrestle on Mania, maybe even Extreme Rules.
  11. Retirement after one more Wrestlemania would be cool.
  12. He can still go in the ring, no need for retirement in my opinion.
  13. Mysterio will be back for another year most likely. Until next Wrestlemania where he will lose to Sin Cara?

  14. This is what should happen, to cement Cara as the next big luchadore in the WWE.
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  15. I really hope Rey vs Cara does happen, I read it was planned for this WM, but both are injured :emoji_slight_frown:.

    The match I think will be insane.

  16. You now got me thinking..where is Sin Cara? How long will he be gone for? Is he 'kayfabe' injured? Confusion :S

  17. Wasn't he injured in November? Making it 4 months since he was injured?

  18. Thing is I don't even know how long he's injured for it was just a guess, and yes it happened at Survivor Series.
  19. Was it only November? Wow. Swear it was before.
  20. Is there a feud between Rey and Sin Cara? I wasn't watching SD at that time. Anyone wanna fill me in?
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