What's left for Steen in ROH?

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  1. Steen has now held the ROH title for about a year. Being a dominant beast whilst doing so and throwing away every contender for it. Even kayfabe banishing Generico in the process. But once he drops it, what will there be left for Steen to do in the company logically? What can a guy who's run around with the title for 200+ days and said he was going to end the company do after losing it? Will he leave? Will he turn face and/or go for the TV title?

    Basically: What the fuck will Steen do in ROH after dropping the title?

  2. Hopefully move on to wwe.
  3. That's a tough question, I guess it depends who he drops it to. If they can find a guy who has great chemistry with Steen, like Generico, you could theoretically have that feud last another year. IMO he should be given a shot in the bigs, but I don't know if they'll give someone with his physique a chance. Right now in WWE he'd be in the top 5 heels without a doubt. He has the chops, but I think he might be stuck in ROH.
  4. Stuck in ROH is not necessarily a problem. As we discussed in another thread they need to build these new guys to take the place of McGuinness and Bryan. Steen could be one of those, but with as dominant a reign as he has had there are currently no one on his level in the company for him to feud with. Which causes a problem. Something similar to what they had when Joe had his 3 year reign.
  5. He should hold it until he (hopefully) signs with WWE and TNA, and then just drop it to the one roster member who has the most cred.
  6. This, ideally I'd have him take influence from Punk and threaten to take the belt with him (what better way to kill a company?) Elgin would beat him ideally or Daniels would fly in from TNA, just to right that wrong.
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