What's next and has WWE lost control of the Brock Lesnar character?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Apr 2, 2014.

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  1. We know that since returning to WWE two years ago, he has faced most of the main players in the company. Cena, HHH, Punk, Big Show, brawled with HBK and Mark Henry and now The Undertaker. With Brock, half of the time, WWE wants him to be “The Beast Incarnate” who we all know is a former UFC Champion and has “broken the arm of Triple H.” The other half of the time, he's booked to where nobody really knows what threat he really provides to whoever he is scheduled to face. And that's been very noticeable in the buildup to the match with Taker on Sunday. After that, what's next? Now I'll give some credit. WWE has the power to make anything happen. Case in point, they've made The Undertaker undefeated with 21 wins over the past 25 years. They did a good job with Lesnar back in January when he was destroying everyone in his path. The beating on Big Show at Royal Rumble and the destruction of Mark Henry on Raw. Both good decisions.
    You knew they were setting him up as the next big opponent for The Undertaker. The trouble is, the moment The Undertaker showed up, they had Lesnar's tail tucked between his legs. Freaked out by the mind games and physically dominated. It's like WWE has lost control of his entire character. Whatever is next for Brock, that all needs to be different. Keep him off until the beginning of June and have him go beat up random people every other week or so and after a while, another major player steps up and challenges Brock at SummerSlam. I'd book it. It would help Brock recover from a loss at WM.
  2. I do not agree that he has been physically dominated or that the WWE has lost control of the character.

    Of course WWE was going to make Lesnar appear afraid of Taker dude, the majority of wrestlers who face Taker appear 'kayfabe' afraid. The reason they do this is to maintain Taker's dark character on-screen, if Lesnar was to just ignore the casket that appeared last week on Raw then this would make Undertaker seem less scary or intimidating. Furthermore did you forget that Lesnar attacked Taker on Monday? He clotheslined him and delivered an F-5, which for me suggests that he has not been physically dominated. In my opinion to be dominated in definition means to be controlled by somebody in either a mental or physical capacity, if Lesnar was being controlled mentally or physically in theory then would he have been able to attack Taker? Just a thought.

    You also mention how WWE has lost control of his entire character? I would argue that they are in more control than ever regarding his character. Lesnar's recent behaviour has included attacking Big Show, Mark Henry and defeating CM Punk which further established how physically "Dominant" Brock can be even against those who are larger than him. Of course Brock will be defeated by Taker come this Sunday but what is to stop him appearing in a few months time and just destroying another main-eventer? Absolutely nothing at all which leads to the conclusion that WWE DOES have control over his character.
  3. I agree that there is definitely a problem with Lesnar's booking. It's become repetitive and predictable: return, attack someone, work a match, leave. WWE really need to change things up regarding how they use Brock. I would make him champion in the next year, copying the same idea they had for The Rock, (wins it at RR, drops it at Mania). Anyway, I think he will face Batista in one of SummerSlam's big matches. They've never fought each other and it would draw to fuck.

    I've said it before that The Streak should now be used to 'make' stars, (Punk shone in it and solidified himself as a great. Wyatt has to face it next year, Cesaro in the future?).
  4. They haven't lost control of anything. Brock Lesnar is a part-time attraction, so of course he's going to only appear every now and then to instigate a feud and have matches with other superstars. The fact that he only has a few matches a year is what makes them more special and must-see, which is sort of the point of being a special attraction. And if you go back and look through his booking of the past two years, there's always been a logical, storyline reason as to why he just randomly disappears after his current feud is done and over with, so it never just seems like a random thing imo.

    Also, he won't look any weaker for losing to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Taker has been well-established as the toughest adversary you can possibly face at Wrestlemania, and given that there's a long list of stars who have tried to break the streak and failed (a list that includes Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Kane, Edge, CM Punk, Big Show, Randy Orton, etc.), Lesnar won't look any weaker for having failed to break it either. It's not like he's failing to do something that many other lesser superstars than him have accomplished or whatever.

    After Wrestlemania, there's a few possible things that could happen with Lesnar. One is that he could face Batista at Summerslam. Another is a rumored match-up with Sheamus. And then there's the chance they may pull the trigger on finally making Lesnar the WWE Champion. Maybe Daniel Bryan drops it to Lesnar at Summerslam, and then Lesnar keeps the strap till Survivor Series or something.
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  5. Bork is GOAT and lock TLDR, can you please reply with a response I can look at and think "this is worth reading?" Sorry for the hate, but come on. You know a lot about wrestling - we get it.
  6. Don't think the post is really all that long, but whatever, here's the short version:

    Brock Lesnar always looks strong even when he loses (in the whole TWO times that he's lost... he completely dominated Cena at Extreme Rules, for example, and arguably had the match won if it hadn't been for Cena's feet accidentally kicking the referee in the face when he spun him around in the F-5.) And considering that Undertaker is someone who ALWAYS wins at Wrestlemania regardless of his opponent, Lesnar won't look any weaker for taking a loss to him either, especially if the match is booked to make it look like Taker just survived a war, which I expect it will be.
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  7. Bro stop with the answering of questions, and begin to learn to help the discussion get better. We get it, you know what you are talking about, now please post anything but the answer that kills the thread bro. The short response is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the norm
  8. I don't think they have lost control. I will agree that Lesnar has kinda been booked as just another Taker opponent as far as the mind games go. I think, for example, when the druids brought the casket down to ringside the other week, Brock should've just opened the casket, and after he saw no one there just beat the druids up or something. They could have mixed it up a little, but it's not a deal breaker or anything. As far as him leaving all the time, there's nothing WWE can do about that other than have Heyman come out and explain why Brock isn't there, and they have done that most of the time, so it's alright in my view.
  9. I thought a really good way for Undertaker to get inside Lesnar's head would have been the druids bringing Lesnar and Heyman the casket and then Lesnar opening it up and finding a wax dummy version of himself, ala Diesel in 1996. It would have been cool in the sense that both guys are bad asses who aren't intimidated by the Undertaker until something like this occurs.

  10. True, if Brock is supposed to be freaked out it should be something really, really weird that did the trick, such as this.
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