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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Nov 19, 2014.

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  1. http://www.wwe.com/news/528009-majo...-he-sign-w-lucha-underground-or-tna-wrestling


    According to one report it is believed that Albert Del Rio (ADR) has plans to wrestle in 2015.. The question however is, where? .. The report states that ADR won't be signing any contract until January of 2015 and that he is looking at signing between two different companies with television deals in place.. The first is Lucha Underground on the El Rey Network, I could very well imagine ADR doing work for them and that would be a pretty solid workhorse to add to their roster.. The next promotion that is rumored to be on ADR's list of a promotion to sign with is TNA who locked up a deal with Destination America very recently.. We won't know where he signs with until early 2015, most likely January.

    Of course this report has to be taken with a grain of salt but as of now I can totally see either of the two bringing in ADR, he would be quite an addition to either of those two rosters.

    What do you all think about this recent rumor/report on ADR's plans to wrestle in the future? Discuss here!
  2. A small update, I saw on another rumor mill that he's not just going to work for one of those companies, his plan is to do part time work for both of the companies.
  3. He's already wrestling for AAA, he'll wrestle for Lucha Underground come January and probably JeffW somewhere in 2015 if they land a TV deal. I doubt he'll go to TNA because AAA allied with Jarrett.
  4. You're right on LU, but I wouldn't count out TNA just yet, his contract he has with AAA lets him wrestle other shows as well, like Wrestle-1 at the beginning of this month as well as at House of Hardcore.. I think doing multiple part time jobs would be pretty beneficial for ADR at this point in his career.. Let him get some more money in the bank while he's still decently durable.
  5. WWE reported this? lulz
  6. Yeah... They might be sorry for firing him and might be contemplating of rehiring him...:adr:
  7. I like him in the WWE simply because I like Albert Del Rio or ADR as a name.
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  8. Go to TNA, ADR! Go to TNA!
    Go to TNA! Go to TNA, ADR!
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  9. Nah, I think he's actually rumored to appear on Lucha Underground.
  10. He's all but confirmed for Lucha Underground
  11. That's alright. But still, would be nice to have him there.
  12. Alberto's already confirmed he's going to LUG in January, for the next set of tapings, it was two weeks ago.
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  13. Cool!
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