Whats next for AJ Lee?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. Whats next for AJ Lee?
    I was thinking about this all day, So I wanted to make a thread.​
    AJ Lee is being booked badly, Not having matches on TV and just house shows despite having wrestling skill more than half the diva's on TV, She won the No.1 contender battle royal and as you would know I was over the moon! But then I started to think about it, This Kaitlyn Vs AJ feud has been going on since 2011 and hasnt progressed very much. This disappointed me alot, These 2 have great wrestling skill and would put on a GREAT match comparing to the normal diva's matches. But they wont be given time to have a proper feud on TV and the match will have most likely a 5 min limit. Then we go to the current day, AJ is being built as just a manager and WWE seem to ignore her wrestling skill, This is annoying for me to watch, For the last year we have seen AJ being built as a manager for multiple men and a GM. Again this ignores WRESTLING! I wonder what the WWE want to do with AJ, She has on the twice at house shows in December but lost it after a re-match but they refuse to even notice that, They just seem to not know what to do with her, I really do enjoy her as a heel but she hits a face even better with her Geek Goddess gimmick taken from real life, So why wont WWE make use of this? Why wont they make use of her wrestling? Why is she stuck as a ring caddy to make someone look better? What next for her with this title match? I think if they are giving time to make this feud work, Promos, Build up etc, They could bring up the match they are having on NXT this week and given the right amount of time they could have a great feud and match, I believe they could run this for more than 1 PPV, I wish they would give AJ the title and have Dolph and AJ a champs couple but I do think WWE will side with Kaitlyn on this, What do you think?​

  2. She will win the divas title, nobody will care, she still won't wrestle matches on PPV or TV until it's time for her to drop the belt.

    I wish they would just release her though.
  3. Well, looks like AJ is winning the Diva's Championship at Extreme Rules. Then she and Ziggler can walk hand in hand together as champions while Big E Langston watches over the both of them as a bodyguard (imagine him hitting "The Big Ending" finisher on even some of the divas.)
  4. I think AJ has a good shot at the Divas Championship against Kaitlyn. Due to the buildup of her character outside of the ring (as a GM and in DZ's corner lately), it's built up her presence of a character that can bring some interest back to the Divas division. It bothers me as well that she hasn't be wrestling and that when she does win it's typically a fluke victory, but what's been changing with her character has made her controversial and therefore one of the more interesting Divas in the company. I think she has a bright future ahead of her.
  5. You wish she was released? Why?!?! She is hot, Can wrestle, Good on the mic, Can work both heel and face and Can work as a manager! What there to dislike!
  6. She is cute, but it is creepy how the IWC constantly drool over her because she has the body of a 12 year old. Can wrestle? Meh, I guess so. 90% of everyone will still be piss breaking it up if she is wrestling a match, just like any diva. Good on mic? I thought it was cool when DB was doing the whole abusive BF routine with her, she's been stale/annoying ever since. Especially as DZ's lapdog. Work as heel/face? Again, the only role I've seen her in that I really thought was cool was when she was always sad and getting picked on by DB. Her face character as the Raw GM sucked and her heel character as DZ's bitch suck. Work as a manager? For guys who don't need managers? Get her away from DZ already.

    What is there to dislike? Well personally for me her stale character and WWE's insistence to stick her into places on the show I would much rather have her not be. Her skipping, the stupid looks on her face and WWE's terrible attempts to book her as 'crazy' but it just comes off as random and stupid are other petty reasons to 'dislike'

    Also I can't help but let her fanboys over the top affection drag down my opinion of her as well. Sort of the same way I can't help but hate LIl Wayne a little more than I already do because of his stans.
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  7. Disagree with every word in that paragraph.....
  8. Which sentence?
  9. Her winning the title would make a lot of sense seeing as she's over. Could help bring SOME attention to the "divas".

    I really don't care for AJ. She annoys me about as much as Cena annoys everyone else.
  10. I'd love to have AJ as the Diva's champion, Kaitlyn is like Kharma almost everything she has is power and AJ has agility that in the Diva's division is more important imo
  11. First of all I gotta say that I consider myself the biggest ¨fanboy¨ of April (Yeah April and not AJ) on this forum.
    Ive wrote this so many time that Ive lost the count.There you go for the last time.
    So I started watching wrestling again this summer. But between that period,(2006-2012) I was a casual. Well, I do remember that I used to watch only one program and that was NXT season 3.I watch the first episode and I watched the full season because of that small,nerd,cute,next door girl called AJ.She was/is something for the divas division.She's a highflyer. You might say yeah KK was as well. Well that's comparing ADR with Sin Cara for example. KK used some highflying moves,AJ is a highflyer,she's like Rey Mysterio in a way,something different for nowadays divas.
    I can agree that her in ring work is good at it best. She's not natalya but she's better than girls at the back(Im just thinking of Aksana). She can pull good matches,as she did back on the indies.But anyway,her in ring work is not fantastic,yeah I agree.Then she can be good at the mic,way better than other divas.There you go an example
    Show Spoiler
    but all this WWE shit has made her promos boring,but the same happens at times with Punk and he's one of the best talkers on the world..
    I can understand all the hate from smarks,She was involved in one of what could have been,the biggest feud on the PG era. Then she had this stupid run as GM wich was a waste of time,feuding with Vickie and it ended in the worst way possible.SuperCena .I nearly stopped watching WWE because of that (lol). Then she turned heel and became ziggy's GF.Bringing up Big E from NXT.I can understand all the hate.I first liked the idea of AJ and Ziggler together,but the fact is that Ziggler should be going over rivals without anyone helping him.All his matches are the same shit.Let him and her be alone.
    WWE has booked AJ as a crazy nerd girl.Well,I think she has booked as a bitch. I mean that's not crazyness,that's...well lets keep this PG.It just doesnt make sense to have a girl who was supossed to bring back the old glory from the AE divas,dating half of the locker room,it just doesnt make sense,but hey we are talking about the WWE.All this face looks are part of his crazy gimmick,hope she gets rid of it.She can seriously be a good diva if she's booked correctly and make us a little bit interested on the divas division.

    Well lets go back to the main topic. She's about to win the Divas title,Kaitlyn has been one of the worst divas champ Ive seen. Not on Tv,not a proper feud...just pathetic. For those who doesnt really know this,AJ vs Kaitlyn its probably has a huge story behind it. They were a tag team and supossed to be best friends(They are really good friends on real life) and then all that Bryan angle, that crazy angle etc...It could have became one of the best feud of the divas division on a long time. I thought this was going to happen at WM,but I dont really wanna have it now.I mean, its a good story being wasted by the WWE.Its (with Paige) one of the possibilities the wwe has to make a care about the division.Shame.It's gonna be a bad match,Aj is going to be booked as if she has forget how to wrestle and we are gonna hve a reign with her rarely wrestling.I was so pumped for this feud that i was enraged when AJ won the shot at ER.It was just pathetic ,just like WWE'S product
  12. AJ's crazy gimmick is boring as hell. When was the last time we actually saw her wrestle? and I don't mean laying on the floor for 10mins.
  13. Most of the WWE divas should be released,it's not like anybody gives a fuck about them anyways.
  14. Yeah, she's annoying... But it wasn't weird to like her body until some weirdo put it in a way that makes it seem weird. Women come in all different shapes and sizes.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. What to do with AJ? I would make her a face with Big E and have them disband from Ziggler. Of course with Big E going to midcard after a PPV or two of losing to Ziggler. I say this because I have seen plenty of videos with Big E and AJ, and they work great together when they're arguing and just talking with each other. Plus it would get Big E away from Ziggler and Dolph can be on his own at last, and AJ can wrestle as well, just have Big E at her corner, like a Lita/Edge kind of relationship. I personally think she has potential if given the right gimmick.

    WWE just seems to be throwing her around everywhere. From DB, to CM Punk, to Kane, to all three, back to DB, to GM, to Dolph, it's just to fucking much. I think it's good that a Diva is getting screen time, but it shouldn't be like that. It should be because she's wrestling and in a feud with a diva, not whining about "oh does he love me" or "oh he broke my heard, better fuck 'em up...lol jk Dolph you do it". At least now they're adding her to the division, and if she wins the belt then the Diva's division gets more attention, since AJ is at Raw every week.

    Now the only problem I have is, that she needs to be in a feud. She needs to get more Divas screen time along with herself. That way at least the division begins to riseup a little, and all that screen time and build up she's had in the past doesn't go to waste. As for her looks, she looks good and cute, but the young teenage body kinda turns me off. She has no ass whatsoever, and her breasts are small. Sexually it doesn't attract me, but her face is beautiful, her hair is long and pretty, and I love her energy. That's all I have.
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  17. Her in-ring stuff is great compared to half the divas tbh.
  18. Hopefully she will just disappear.
  19. She's feuding with Kaitlyn atm. Her and AJ are former best friends, and AJ threw their friendship away to go sleep with a bunch of guys.
    Don't we all know some bitch who did that? If the feud's spotlighted properly and done right the fans could easily get behind it...

    If WWE does it right (lol) and the fans still don't care about it, then it's time to scrap the Divas' division.
  20. She can do whatever as long as she wrestles.
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