What's next for Alberto Job Rio?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Where does he go from here? Personally, the guy bores me to tears so I'm overjoyed WWE has come to their senses and stopped pushing this guy.
  2. HILARIOUS title.

    Well, honestly, I agree. Although he is a great ring worker, he's extremely boring in every other aspect. As long as he just stays on the midcard forever, I'm fine with it. He's not ME material. Although him feuding for the IC wouldn't suck or anything, it's a good position on the card for him, but if they have someone better for it, great.
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  3. Hopefully CMLL
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  4. I'd keep him wrestling solid matches while he tries to go for the IC title. He's not a bad wrestler, but he is a bit boring and he used to be better with Ricardo Rodriguez (although it's not great if your manager is 100x more over than you are). I'd mark for Ricardo doing the whole "ALBERTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DELLLL RIOOOOOOOO" thing just one more time.
  5. He's one of the best workers they have and can put on a good match with anyone. I would have liked to see Del Rio as IC champ with Ricardo as his manager again. They would do more with it in terms of raising the title's prestige than Big E can.
  6. Looks like Cesaro is taking his place, whoever's idea that was is a genius.

    ADR can go job to Ambrose in the US division or something (If Ambrose ever defends it again)
  7. Its been known for quite a while that ADR wanted out and he was going to bounce when his deal expires. So he won't be doing shit, but job.

    And since I'm a fair weather fan, I can't be marking for jobbers. Sorry ADR, you're off the list bro.
  8. He needs time off, have someone injure the overpushed jobber and let us enjoy the freedom of Del Rio for some months, WWE is bringing up stars, so take Del Rio out and have him return with a run in at some point
  9. Really? :pity2:
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  11. Liked for lack of tomato tossing in the vid.
  12. If he were staying, he could have added something to the Intercontinental and/or United States Championship divisions since those belts have always been known as the "workhorse" titles, and ADR, despite what other boring attributes he may possess, is one of the best workers in the company. Hell, he could have found himself a partner and formed a decent tag team with someone to add something to the tag team division as well (no idea on who I'd suggest as his potential partner... becoming a "Real American" and teaming with Jack Swagger, maybe? Eh...) But since he's leaving sooner than later, I guess he'll mostly be putting others over for the remainder of his time here.
  13. Is it just me but ADR would be a great little crony for The Authority. Giving concussions all year round and adding people to his HITLIST.
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  14. 4MB? He can play the maracas
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  15. I wouldn't classify him as a jobber just yet but he is certainly been on a downward spiral since losing the WHC to Cena.

    Not sure exactly what is next for Del Rio but they should probably shove him in to a tag-team like they did with Ryback and Curtis Axel. I have no idea who they would pair him with though. Alternatively I see him costing RVD his semi-final match against Cesaro which would re-ignite (I use the word lightly) their rivalry, then they would most likely face each other in the pre-show of ER or something along those lines.
  16. He'll likely leave once his contract runs out. Until then I dunno as I enjoy the guy in ring, maybe get him in a tag team and kicking arse hell a DZ an ADR tag team might work.
  17. I'd have him brought in to the Real Americans. :zeb:


  18. I'll tell you I got a connect in the WWE and they told me he's set to win every title in the WWE (Inclduing the Diva's) because he's amazing. For real though been a fan of Del Rio since his WWE debut so I hate seein shit like this but it's understandable. There's just no where to go with him right now.
  19. Spanish PPV commentary.
  20. At least then he'd be working with Ricardo again.

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