What's Next For Big E Langston?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by MikesBadassssssAfro, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Big E Langston came into the WWE by storm. The storm slowly calmed, however, and he was left as nothing more than Ziggler's muscle. After a failed attempt at the Tag Team belts, nothing changed between the two. After Ziggler won the World Heavyweight Championship, nothing changed between the two. However after Ziggler lost the belt, it's uncertain if thing's will remain the same. Ziggler's now a face, AJ remains a heel, and Big E....well I'm not quite sure. He could remain a heel with AJ, become a face with Ziggler, or just leave both and go on his own as a tweener. This being said, I composed 3 possible (and mostly positive) storylines for Big E, both as a face and as a heel. Let's begin.

    Heel #1: Dolph Ziggler. The first choice will be the obvious choice. With Money In The Bank coming up, Ziggler and Langston could get into an altercation, causing the two to separate. At the night of the Pay-Per-View, Ziggler could beat Albert Del Rio and win back his WHC title, and Langston could win the MITB briefcase to let their feud ignite. This could lead to Langston playing mind games with Ziggler, occasionally coming out after he wins a match, only to not cash in, or to have numerous backstage confrontations.

    Heel #2: Christian. With his return finally happening, and as a babyface it's possible that they can feud. Christian can cut a promo about finally returning, and going to aim for the WHC. Big E could come out, still protective of Ziggler and guard him. This can help both, as a win over Christian could give Big E more heat and possibly more fans. On the other side, a win over Big E could show that Christian "still has it" and inch him closer to a belt.

    Heel #3: Rob Van Dam. Big E could just linger on as a tweener until Money In The Bank happens, and whichever match Rob returns in could serve as the meeting ground for the two of them. While I personally wouldn't recommend a Big E vs RVD feud, it's incredibly possible. Big E's still technically a new comer to the main roster and RVD's known by many as a legend in his own right. A feud between the two could easily be a door opener to a bigger feud for RVD and a push for Big E.

    Now, onto the other side with Big E becoming a babyface, which is also likely to happen, as he has fans and draws comedic attention via Twitter.

    Face #1: Ryback. This needs to happen. The moment Big E debuted on Raw, many people quickly pointed out the similarities between the two (even nicknaming him Ryblack). With similar looks, build, attire, and even moves to an extent a feud between the two could either be really good or incredibly dull. Seeing as how Ryback's been on a jobber devouring streak, and losing to anyone with any form of talent, this could boost Ryback's career back to high-mid card. Conversely, with Big E winning that could push him to the singles competition and possibly far enough to land a belt on him sooner than later.

    Face #2: Kane. At Wrestlemania, Dolph & Big E teamed together to face the duo of Team Hell No. The rivalry was short, and ended with Kane & Bryan retaining. Creative could easily pick up where they last left off, which could lead to an interesting rivalry, in which Big E loses. Personally, I like Big E. But Kane REALLY needs more of a push than anyone right now, as his whole character's been destroyed. Kane could easily go through a mental breakdown and return heel with a slightly altered mask, attire, and theme. Having Big E hold his own against him would help his character, and having Kane pin him clean would be a pretty decent push, especially if outside interference occurs.

    Face #3: Antonio Cesaro. With him being a heel already, and putting on great matches it's inevitable that he'll do the same with Langston. Also with Cesaro being repacked and managed by Zeb, this only makes the rewards greater. Big E overcoming Cesaro & Zeb would be a major push to him, and Cesaro overcoming a steadily coming Langston would push his career as well.

    While I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't care for either of those matches, it's a lot better than other "possible" stoylines, especially a "Ryback and Big E Langston are actually half brothers" one.
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