Other Whats next for CM Punk?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Legit Legend, Jun 15, 2018.

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  1. Well UFC is out of the question so what do you guys think is next for him? I'm personally hoping for a wrestling return. Doesn't have to be WWE. There is better promotions imo anyway.. But it just seems like wrestling is his home and his place in this world. WWE did him wrong not all promotions will do him like WWE did.. I'm really hoping he gives wrestling another shot. But what do you guys think should Punk wrestle again? Or should he try something else?
  2. He said he was done with UFC?
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  3. I think he will get into his other passion more then. That being comic books. I know he did dabble with that but with his name/fame, he can likely hook up with a local comic artist and get his own series going.
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  4. That would be interesting me and a friend on Instagram were debating this and he brought up the comic book option as well. It would be something interesting if he chose to go to comics.
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  5. I am not big into comics but I love illustrations of art and different styles so I approve.

    Or for all we know, he will get into acting. I could see him playing a role in a modern or futuristic mafia series (he is into that stuff). He'd play a good villain.
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  6. I'd love acting even more than comics.. Time and time again we've seen WWE Superstars make great actors. Ex. The Rock, Miz, Cena
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  7. Yeah and he proved he can act. It would be a bit different but I think he could swing it.
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  8. He should try acting if he cares about that at all.. or like Snake said, comic books.

    If he likes getting punched in the face so much, try another MMA promotion.. There's millions of ways to make money that's not pro wrestling.
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  9. Punk is a stubborn man and will always try to be held right. Therefore, we will never see him in a wrestling ring again performing.
  10. All In, he'll be in the crowd at All In.
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  11. I'm gonna take his word and expect that he is not going to wrestle again.
  12. My local Morrisons is taking on. I'll let Punk know I will drop off a CV if he wants.
  13. I really enjoyed the comics he wrote for Drax
  14. I think Punk can just not do anything. He has enough cash.
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  15. Run for president.
  16. Will get knocked out of that too
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  17. Punk should become the CEO of Pespi and make Coca-Cola GTS, yo. In all seriousness, do acting, which seems to be the back up for some wrestlers, start a Podcast/Youtube channel, which is popular as well, or become the new writer for Preacher comics or even become a writer for the Preacher TV Show.
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  18. Retirement.
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