What's next for Orton?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Franklin, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Randy Orton hasn't done anything meaningful since losing the world title to Mark Henry and his short feud with Cody Rhodes. Raw ratings can use a boost. We can't have a star doing little to nothing. At the moment Orton is being wasted.

    Last year Orton was Raw's opener. He opened every Raw for 4 or 5 straight months. That got old very fast. What was Vince thinking?

    When was the last time he had any mic time? I can't remember his last promo.

    Randy Orton is not currently booked for Summerslam. It's doubtful he will have an advertised match. I'm sure they'll fit him in for a random match. This just isn't good.

    Love him or hate him Orton is a star. He's not being used. The WWE needs to do something fast. He doesn't have to be in the main event picture for a world title. At least give him a story.
  2. Have him Feud with a returning Wade Barrett.
  3. He'll either feud with Wade or Sheamus I think (or ADR/Sheamus). Atm he's just doing nothing because there's nothing for him yet, but expect him to be back up there again soon.
  4. :yes::yay:
  5. Meh, he'll probably just bury some #1 contenders and up and coming upper midcarders as usual.

    No, probably a feud with Barrett or ADR.
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