What's next for Ryback?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. He got destroyed and buried big time on his feud with Cena, I really wonder if his "big push as the next face of the company" exists anymore.
    Will he return as a face? or as a heel?
    Will his push continue?
    Who will he feud with next?

  2. I'd bet my money he goes over someone who isnt his class. Ryder, R-Truth, Random other face?

    Hoping to god this isnt why Ziggler got his turn.
  3. The hospital

  4. Well come to think of it, they are pretty much dump but still , I don't think that they are that dump to the point that they may feed Ziggler to an already buried and pointless Ryback.
  5. He should become the third member of the Tons of Funk,that way The Shield can have formidable opponents.
  6. Can't even imagine how horrible that would be!
  7. Not sure how he was buried lol,he always seemed a threat throughout all his feuds,his Ppv record is concerning however. Anyway he'll bounce around the irrelevant mid card for a while before getting another push as a face later on. Theyre hot on him so wont just give up.
  8. He was buried but it's nothing that can't be fixed within a month. Just let him plow through someone at MITB. I nominate Sheamus
  9. How has he been buried at all? His PPV loss record is concerning but the guy has been booked as a beast all the way through. The guy has pinned Cena and walked out of the arena when Cena couldn't at ER, Shell Shocked Henry after losing on a fluke, list the RR on one minor mistake and only didn't win the WWE Title due to interference twice.
  10. Looking at how Ryback has lost at PPVs I don't really see much burying being done.

    TLC: Was at the entrance when Bryan was pinned, had also gone through an announcing table.
    Rumble: Eliminated last in the rumble in a way that looked flukish (Cena pulling down the ropes and then pushing him over)
    EC: Speared by Reigns whilst holding Rollins up.
    Mania: Mark Henry was too heavy.
    ER: Rammed Cena through light rig, causing a no contest.
    Payback: Had to be rammed through the roof of a fucking ambulance to be taken out, an ambulance which he was himself dissassembling.

    In all his PPV losses Ryback has been made to look strong. No burying has been going on.
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  11. The wrestling myth busters strike again.
  12. I didnt realize the mythbusters were so gay.
  13. Thought it was more of a "Well if he was a monster, why isn't he winning matches?" issue I've heard plenty of people complain about, he has no momentum. But you know I'm an idiot anyway.
  14. You're only buried if you are made to look completely powerless/incompetent in your losses. Zack Ryder was buried, McIntyre was buried. Ryback has momentum, otherwise he would not be in the main event scene or involved in top stories.
  15. Will he return as a face? or as a heel? Hope he returns as heel
    Will his push continue? I don't think so, he must prove he deserves the push
    Who will he feud with next? Borton?
  16. The truth is, I see Ryback returning and squashing some more jobbers because I highly doubt that creative will have anything for him. What most people don't seem to understand is that Ryback is still a good talent, he has a menacing look and isn't that bad in the ring. He is believable to the mainstream audience and although he has lost, he has lost in a way each time which will not directly effect his momentum.

    The best feud in my opinion but would to have him return and feud with a veteran such as Kane, to continue to build upon his skills and allow him to pick up a victory, without consequences.
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  17. nice post man, go hit the ramp and introduce yourself.
  18. I wouldn't be surprised if he returned as a baby face. There was a report even during the beginning stages of the Cena/Ryback feud (before ER) that he might revert back to being a face after the feud was over. Spend a month or so away and come back without mentioning anything of Cena and maybe fans will cheer him again if he stands up against a heel. Expect the Goldberg chants to remain, of course.

    He wasn't exactly the most over face of the company (he was getting strong reactions when he was announced as being booked against Punk in the cell, but that faded quickly afterwards when he lost) but being a heel didn't help him any either. Much like Del Rio for 99.9% of his WWE career, he's just as over (i.e not much) as a heel as he was as a baby face.

    In my opinion, some time off is good because they really need to start over again with Ryback. I don't know what needs to be done but something should.
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  19. He could fued with Ziggler, which would help solidify Zigs as a face, and ryback as a heel, but I have no idea what they are going to do.
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  20. I don't know where to put him honestly. Maybe he can be the guy that can take the WWE championship off of Daniel Bryan in the later future, but to do so he would have to be booked as a heel, and win matches against big names. I don't think he got buried, but I don't really know where else to put him. Maybe he can also challenge the World Heavyweight champion after squashing a couple of superstars, but again, I don't really want to see him anymore, but knowing WWE, they'll push him to the sky once more a bit after he returns.
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