Whats next for Ryback?

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  1. So Ryback attacked Jericho on his last appearance in WWE and said the see you later Chris line so whats next for Ryback?
  2. Hopefully, future endeavourment.
    Sadly, a push.
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  3. Of course, NO! He should quit wrestling, FOREVER!
  4. -Challenge for a championship? The problem there is who all the champions are: John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, Curtis Axel, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns... all heels except for Cena, who is hated by half the audience himself (Ryback has already become a victim of Cena anyhow.) I don't see a heel/heel feud working for obvious reasons but they could book a scenario where two or three different people want a shot at a title and build towards a triple threat or a four way for the PPV, with Ryback as merely one of the participants. But I don't see that happening with Del Rio or Axel and Ambrose seems occupied with the rest of The Shield (the Henry attack/feud with Christian.) Maybe he could challenge AJ for the Diva's Championship? Defeating her and ruling the entire Diva's division is probably the only matches I would be certain Ryback could win nowadays.

    -He could attack and lay out the Big Show when Show returns tomorrow night on Raw to start an angle leading to a match between them at Summerslam. This is probably what will go down. Destroying "The World's Largest Athlete" could be another way of re-establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with, especially with coming off his victory against Jericho and his attack against him on Smackdown.

    -Someone over on WF had a decent idea on him teaming up with Big E Langston. I could see them making a good Big Man team, and mixing in a powerhouse team that relied entirely on superb strength and brute force with all the other teams (Rollins/Reigns, the 'Real Americans' Caesro and Swagger, the Usos, Primo and Epico, etc.) would make for nice variety. Maybe after the Ziggler feud is over, Ryback and Langston end up in a confrontation with one another where Ryback says to Langston that he thinks the two of them together could be perhaps the most unstoppable duo in WWE.
  5. There are too many heels being pushed at the moment. Ryback is the odd man out at the moment. I see a comedy pairing for Ryback coming very soon.
  6. The gimmick has gone to ass now, either take him off tv or put him as a comedy heel on a losing streak. Honestly, this guy had so much momentum a few months ago, they've really fucked him over.

  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I guess this is what happens when you piss off Cena. Ryback should never of tweeted about his ex wife or gave Cena the fuck you gesture

  9. What the fuck are you even talking about?
  10. Ryback texted Cena at the beginning of their rivalry saying that Cena's liked what Ryback had, and what Cena didn't have or something like that. It got deleted by WWE, but to be honest, who really expected Ryback to go over Cena anyways?

  11. He was already the victim of shit booking before he tweeted about Cena's wife. The heat and momentum was already gone by that point, hence why they experimented with a heel turn in the first place.
  12. He's also a victim of being average at best in the ring.

  13. I wouldn't even say average, the guy sucks, lol.
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  14. Mediocre at best
  15. I was being Nice lol
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  16. His draw isn't in ring though, it's his character and the mystique that comes (came) with it. The worst thing that ever happened to him was facing Punk at Hell In A Cell last year, he should have had a slow and long build to the WWE title. Having him job out to The Shield didn't help either.
  17. http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/271...hn-cenas-ex-wife-in-recent-tweet-is-he-a-heel

    ^^^ This is the tweet Ryback did about Cena's ex wife in the link

    ^^^ Ryback giving Cena the fuck you gesture at 1:32 in the video clip

    Now if Ryback hadent of done all of that his push could of continued and he would be WWE champion it just shows if you piss off Cena he will do backstage politics and stop your push
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