Whats next for Sin cara and rey

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  1. If they are not gonna feud each other ( maybe WM 30 ) do you think they are gonna the next tag team champs? (Hell no dropping them is obviously ) . What's next for this two?(sin cara and rey)
  2. Retirement for Rey, banishment for Cara :otunga:
  3. Still hoping they have a match at WM. After that, uh... I don't care what they do next. As long as Rey isn't pinning Bryan clean as it keeps happening.
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    From this week's episode I'd guess tag team gold.
  5. They just need to have that match at mania and then :gtfo:
    Mysterio is still a good wrestler, but he's not as good anymore and he's always taking time off, so there's no reason he should continue like that
  6. I still think they will go one on one at this years Wrestlemania. There is no need to wait, and waiting with Rey Mysterio is risky as he is so injury prone now. After they feud I would hope Rey would retire.
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  7. I don't want them to feud. I want him to fight Lesnar and beat him.

    Go out with a bang.
  8. I think that Rey & Cara are going to wint the TagTeam Championship & Rey Mysterio become the WWE Champion& Sin Cara is going to become the Intercontinental Champion
  9. This. lol
  10. I can see Rey having his own storyline at some point, maybe competing for a championship again. However I think it's going to continue being an obstacle for Sin Cara to get any major push when he can't speak English very well. Sin Cara seems fine in the ring but he needs to be able to demonstrate skill on the mic too.
  11. IC Champ? Sin cara is pretty awesome in the ring , but he is stale as ****. Dont know why but I hate Sin Cara, dont want him to be the one who retires Rey :upset:
  12. If someone retires Rey it should be Sin Cara, you know, as green and as much of failure that he is, passing the torch and all that.
  13. Well, Mysterio will be able to fight for a bigger championship than the tag team championship and the group will go in different ways. I think that is what will happen but is something I really don't know
  14. You're kidding right?
  15. Tag Team Champions and maybe a match at Wrestlemania.
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