Whats Next For TGMTEL?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Star Lord, Sep 19, 2013.

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  1. Whats next for Austin Aries? the BFG series is over and he will most likely feud with someone for Bound For Glory.

    I would love to see him feud over the X-Division Title with TJ Perkins, They would have some awesome matches and it would be a great way to put TJP over.

    He could also feud with Bobby Roode as we have seen hints of that when he refused to join EGO.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I'd either have him fight TJ Perkins/Manik for the X-Division or have him feud with EGO. I dunno how the EGO feud would work, maybe have some guys return/debut like the Young Bucks, Alex Shelley... just make sure that if he doesn't engage in a feud with Manik, have all of EGO fight Aries, until he realises that he needs a team. Then they can tempt talent to come over.
  3. Looks like one of the things you said. But a feud with Manik would be awesome.

    "You attacked me backstage and cost me my one shot at the World Title, so I'll kick your ass. :tough:
  4. Bucks and Shelley wont come back, Believe me.
  5. Aries is sooooooooooooo far above the X Division.
  6. But Aries can win the X Division title and cash it next year at Destination X winning the World Heavyweight Championship again.
  7. I would rather he put over TJ
  8. I'd love to see that too, but he needs to win the WH title again someday and what a better way than becoming the first ever man who cashes in successfully twice

  9. Aries shouldn't have to fuck with that. He is a legit main eventer.
  10. Yeah, true, but I don't think TNA will give him a title opportunity so easily when he's also awesome in the X-Division.
  11. It really isn't fair to Aries. TNA ignores the division for the most part and then sends Aries down to save the steaming pile of shit they create with their ineptitude.
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  12. He should feud with Styles some point after BFG
  13. I predict Aries vs. Roode at BFG, while Sting fights Magnus; and Joe & Angle take on Kazarian & Daniels.
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