Spoiler What's next for The Ascension?

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  1. Well if you watched NXT Takeover 2 then you would've seen a very entertaining tag match between the Lucha Dragons aka Kalisto & Sin Cara vs The Ascension aka Konnor & Viktor..

    The match ended with the Lucha Dragons taking the tag titles away from The Ascension after a victory.. they were 1 day shy of a year in holding the Tag Titles.

    Now two days prior to the special Takeover 2 episode of NXT, Main Event aired and who had a match on that show? The Ascension.

    My question is what's next for the deadly tag team? Will they be off NXT until Night of Champions ends and then the night after that on RAW they come out and challenge the Usos or Stardust/Goldust to a title match and take it that night.. or will they have one more match with the Lucha Dragons and see if they can manage to get those titles back?


    Personally I think they will debut on WWE Monday Night RAW the night after Night of Champions after the Usos retain the titles or even if Stardust/Goldust win over the titles and then issue an open challenge to anyone in the locker room to come out and face them for a title opportunity..

    What do you think the fate of the Ascension will be?​
  2. They've already debuted on the main roster so a move up is only logical
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  3. This is true, they debuted for the main roster at a house show in New York several months back and they said they were decently entertaining except for the fact that the crowd wasn't into it because they didn't really know who the Ascension was at the time.. I totally thought they would get called up then..

    How do you think they'll start off their Main Roster Run?
  4. Like they did on Main Event this week. Defeating Los Matadores
  5. I could see them debuting post NoC to dethrone The Usos. Then go on to feud with the Wyatt Family, hopefully.
  6. They've already debuted
  7. That would be pretty nice, a quick way to get The Ascension over as a dominant tag team on the main roster.. I would like to see a nice back and forth title swapping going between the Harper/Rowan & The Ascension.
  8. Well that would mean Sami, Tyler, and Adrian also debuted.
  9. At least they went on RAW; Ascension was on ME & Main Event isn't really that popular.. I mean I still watch it sometimes but usually only when a few select people or some main event talent pops up on the show.
  10. Well, I assume they're going to feud with the Usos, just like old times. Except with Viktor instead of Bram this time. Funny that they turned the Rhodes Bros heels when they were just about to call Ascension up, but yeah.
  11. I'd like to think they'll be taking the Tag Titles from whoever is the winner at NoC, the following night on Raw... If they take it away from The Rhodes Bros, fine. If they take it away from The Usos, even better!
  12. Since they are booked for the next week and most likely the one after that on TV, I'd say yeah
  13. Link for the source? I am intrigued.
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  14. I wish they'd stay in NXT for the moment. I get the feeling that the reason Harper and Rowan didn't win the Tag Team Championships from The Usos back at either Money In The Bank or Battleground is because they're saving the big heel tag title run for when The Ascension debuts, and thus they want Jimmy and Jey to hold onto the belts until then.

    Then again, if Goldust and Stardust weren't about to win the gold, then turning them heel would probably be pretty pointless so maybe that theory is off.
  15. Agreed 100%, I totally think the NXT title should be defended atleast once in awhile on the kickoff show or as the first match of the night on some of the PPVs.. WM for example would be a decent place to do it at.
  16. So feuding with Hideo is your answer apparently. I wonder if those three will move up together then? I think they will put Hideo on the fast track and The Ascension are due.
  17. I wouldn't be surprised seeing Hideo and Balor debuting after the Rumble, tbh...

    As far as The Ascension goes, they may as well debut as a part of the new Wyatt Family. You never know, the rumors've been circling around for months. I have a feeling that either Bray Wyatt with/without Ascension will be showing up at HIAC PPV, to screw Ambrose out of the victory.
  18. Ascension & Charlotte will be debuting after HIAC or after Survivor Series is what I'm calling. They're the first DLC for the new game so I imagine they will be brought up just after or right before the game is released.. Hideo & Balor I can see both debuting at or after the RR.
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