Whats next for the tag team titles

Discussion in 'RAW' started by taily96, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. Team Hell No have held the tag team titles since night of champions 2012. With wrestlemania 29 coming up it looks like we may be seeing a tag team title match on the card

    But im wondering whats next for the tag team titles?

    Do they stay with team hell no? or will a different team be holding them after mania?

    If so who?
  2. Ziggler/Big E take the titles off of Team hell No @ Mania. Book it.
  3. Now thats sounds like a match that a lot of people would like to see

    I myself would love to see that match and i would love to see ziggler hold both the World title and the tag team title
  4. They will drop the titles at Mania, but it is kinda difficult to say to whom.
    Maybe the New Age Outlaws?
  5. Wish it was NAO but I think Ziggler and Big E will win them.
  6. I don't think the NAO are legitimately coming back. They were there for OSR and to make Brock look like an animal. That's about it IMO
  7. they should of dropped them at the rr imo to rhodescholars
  8. Clay and Tensai
  9. I'm not sure who they will drop to but they're dropping.

    I'm guessing Ziggler/E
    or Team Fat
  10. Hoping for either PTP or Ziggler and E to take the tag team titles off Kane and D-bry. It would make a nice change to be honest :emoji_grin:
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