What's RVD's role in this?

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  1. If the reports that his return is short-term and part-time are true, then there is no way he even gets close to the MITB briefcase. Is he simply returning for a big pop and to job? Do you think they'll set up an angle with him?
  2. RVD/Christian?
  3. Arrive
    Point at self and jump off stuff
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  4. Just asked this question in the last thread :haha: but this is something I wanted to know to. He just seems to be there. There's no real build up for him, there's no feud, there's nothing, hell he hasn't even showed up at a WWE event yet.
  5. Rock was around part time and won the WWE title. Saying there's no chance of him winning the case is not true at all. Considering he's one of the only guys to beat super Cena in recent memory at the ECW PPV, there's an instant story line there. Once again Cena trying to redeem his loss, and RVD saying Cena can't beat him. "Vintage" WWE booking.
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  6. That is never happening. Don't compare someone like Rock to someone like RVD dude, lol.

  7. Not in terms of how we see it. Look at it through Vince's milky, old eyes. Lord knows they probably over paid him, so they're going to try and get their money's worth. I know he won't win the title, but to say he has no chance to win the case is completely ignoring WWE's track record of booking.
  8. He's not just part-time, he's short-term (apparently). I refuse to believe they'll give the case to someone who is short-term AND part-time when they're not even a big name draw. What's he going to do: get the case, cash in on Cena, win/lose, and then leave?

  9. Short term could mean 6 months of RAWs and PPVs. Win the case, lose to Cena, put over a couple of young guys, then leave at WM.
  10. Stop it Senhor, stop it.
  11. You'll see. I don't like it anymore than you do.
  12. He's playing the Shelton Benjamin role. Arrive. Take bump. Leave.
  13. Same role he always plays. I'm a spot monkey, here are my 5 flippy moves!
  14. Cost Punk the match and set up a match between them at Summerslam maybe, unless Brock shows up, but I would like to think they would save his appearances
  15. Honestly, The only reason I would want him to even win the WWE Championship so he can change the Cenation plates to Yin Yangs. Fuck yeah.
  16. Actually it'll be this....
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  17. I really think he is there to do something cool off of the ladder onto someone causing a fued. I think this match is Daniel Bryans'
  18. The idea of a returning superstar - not a big name but still one most every fan knows - adds more to the MITB match. I figure that's RVD's purpose for being there in the match. If he's returning anyway, who not re-introduce him this way?

    Cena defeating RVD to make up for his loss against him from 2006 makes sense considering they want to make this Cena's most legendary title reign ever, and I'm hoping if this happens that it's a sign that Taker/Cena is happening next year, the idea being that they want Cena to overcome every possible opponent and I guess leaving one unmatched loss hanging out there bugs them. Not that I necessarily want to see Cena/RVD but I can see why they would do it, especially with RVD saying in his recent interview that he wants to work with the guy who's gonna make him the most money (I can see that coming up in RVD's contract negotiations with WWE.) Forsaking Cena/Bryan for that though would be quite pathetic. They can always job RVD out to Cena some other way.
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  19. Doing a Y2J..

    Show off and leave again.

    He'll do his crazy ladder shit at MITB and let stars go over him.

    Should've let him in the SD ladder match imo with younger stars who need to get over instead of Punk, Cena and Sheamus.
    Current RAW MITB match doesn't get me exited at all tbh.. Even adding RVD in it won't tickle me.
  20. I honestly hope to god that they aren't going to give anything to Rob Van Dam. I agree though. It does seem as if he is just pointlessly showing up at the PPV. I think the only thing I am looking forward to is one or two great spots here in there using a ladder. Other than that I don't want to see him getting any sort of push towards a title or title opportunity (which I don't even think they are looking to give him in the first place).
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