What's something you thought would be gone by 2016?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. What's something you thought would be gone by 2016, but still is around?

    Can be anything. If you want to mentioned a sports player, artist, or actor that is fine but it should be in the context of their career, you know... Not their life. lol

    I am going to say skinny jeans. I am not talking about just the ones women wear but the ones dudes are wearing also. That crap freaks me out.
  2. We moved on to men's jeggings now, get with the program.
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  3. "we"

    Oh lawd... :asuka:
  4. Christ's return.
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  5. Skinny jeans are weird because back 5-10 years ago it was white dudes who exclusively wore them who are the emo scene kids I guess u could call them. But now ghetto rappers have moved on from baggy pants to skinny jeans and it looks goofy as hell
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  6. Neptune:happy:

    Skinny jeans on men is awful but tbh I only see it on young teen to early 20's.
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  7. Lockard's virginity

    never bet on an underdog
  8. The skinny jeans trend needs to die ASAP.
  9. I will add in colorful hair. Both men and women seem to be obsessed with it still. meh/10
  10. Gingers don't have a choice you insensitive barsteward.
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