What's the best mark out moment you can have?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. At the MITB PPV for RAW. Basically, what's the best thing (in your opinion) that can happen at that PPV which will make you mark hard.
  2. Semi realistic? Bryan winning the title, AJ going off with Punk and Cena attempting to win the belt only to be low blowed by Bryan.

    A bit more out there? Miz as a surprise entrant in the MITB match, winning the Raw case.

    Fantasy jizz stain mode? Punk and Bryan are both laid out in the middle of the ring, Steen jumps the barricade super kicks AJ with the ROH title, talks about how both sold out their honour to the bigger corporations, every night guys like Richards, Elgin and himself were tearing it in the smaller arenas whilst these two changed who they were. This leads onto a ROH invasion angle lead by Steen, trying to get the guys to get their honour back. Claudio and Ohno debut and semi shoot on how they're going back to their roots as the kings of wrestling. No gimmicks just being the best. Black wins the IC title, Bryan debates on whether to join the honour stable or not, eventually joining them to win the WWE title which they hold hostage. Punk shows his disgust at both companies, playing the outsider role. Like Sting but with a voice. Fuck I ramble alot.
  3. I actually got goose bumps reading the latter, Jesus Christ.

    Anyway, the first two I agree with, I'd mark for both (especially Miz :fap:).

    or miz returning as a surprise entrant to the mitb match and winning!
  5. >Ziggler wins MITB
    >Sheamus beats ADR, but gets the shit kicked out of him after
    >Ziggler runs in like an OG, cashes in

    Even though I fully realize it would be better to build Ziggler up with his MITB briefcase and get him some momentum before he cashed in, I would still mark the fuck out to see him win the second most prestigious mid card belt WWE has to offer.
  6. Tyson Kidd winning WHC MiTB.
  7. Ziggler, Sheamus, Cena and Punk all winning :lol1:
  8. Cena getting a non career threatening injury that will take him out for a few months!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I should also mention that as the president of the ADR mark fan club that if he unexpectedly beat Sheamus for the title that I would be pretty hyped
  10. Agreed. That'd be pretty awesome. Ziggler winning MITB in itself would make me mark, guaranteed promo time and a future main event spot.
  11. This, without Sheamus winning.
  12. I think Bryan winning clean would make me mark hard, in a battle of ultimate wrestling ability.
  13. -Tyson getting a huge spot in on Tensai as his revenge for his little beatdowns (and probably setting up a Summerslam match)

    -Someone who actually deserves MITB joining the WWE Title MITB match.
  14. No way that match ends cleanly
  15. I know that. Though I have optimism for it not ending in a complete fucksuck since last time Bryan made Punk tap a second after being pinned which was awesome.
  16. >Chris Jericho wins Money in the Bank
    >Cody Rhodes wins Money in the Bank
  17. Bryan walking away with the title and Dolph winning MITB. Ziggler cashing in in the same night would also be very nice to see.
  18. Rhodes to win and then to cash in and beat sheamus would make me mark pretty hard!

    Also John Cena winning MITB and go to cash it in againts D Bryan and AJ to intefere again and Bryan makes him tap out, I would jizz.

    Y2J to win MITB also be good

    Miz to return as most of you have said :emoji_slight_smile:

    Khali quits WWE :yay:
  19. Edit : Just realised what i post :dafuq: Yeah, i know anyway, Regal being put in the Raw MITB Ladder match, Beating Cena. Mark of the century.
  20. Well Big Show winning MITB and having a match against Daniel Bryan I guess.
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