What's the best phone in the world right now?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. I'm about to order the Samsung Galaxy iii thing when I get paid, but I'm curious what's the best mobile out atm?
  2. The Galaxy II has long been praised as the best in the world and the three is an update of it so I'd say go with that. The only thing I've heard people complain on is some guys saying battery life isn't the greatest, that can be solved by buying a more longer lasting battery.
  3. dunno dont have a phone :haha:
  4. So I'm getting the best phone in the world? :yay:
  5. :jericho: :pity: Yes!

  6. Galaxy SIII
  7. Some say iPhone, I say no.

    Android is coming up atm. A Samsung or HTC is your best pick, sir.
  9. iPhone. End of thread.
  10. Well the big appeal for iPhone S was siri and Google Voice annihilated it in a one on one so what else does iPhone have that Galaxy doesn't?
  11. Itunes :dawg:

    Well, what I noticed was that iPhone has alot of payed apps when they're free in the Android Market (Google Play)

    Big pro for me..
  12. So Galaxy has free iPhone apps, a better version of Siri, what does iPhone seriously have over Galaxy?
  13. A name, Apple. People are just looking at what other people buy..
  14. iPhone's more profit oriented than Android phone. You'll just pay one time (buying the phone, duh) . Apps? Blackmarket the shit!
  15. App planet will be your friend there are also a few others for Android. Its similar to cydia on a jail broken iPhone. You rooting it?
  16. Too bad iphones are crap compared to the Galaxy series. The Galaxy 3 is hailed as an iphone killer as is the HTC one and HTC Nexus (Just the name should be a reason for Crayo to get it.) LG just put out a quad cored phone as well. Android phones are cheaper, better manufactured and are more easily customized. My circle of friends are half iphone half Android. The iphone people complain about broken phones way more often than those of us with droids.
  17. Wanna know something iPhone has that Galaxy doesn't?

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  18. Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Android, bigger screen, very good battery life, 720p HD screen, 1.4GHz quad core, and everything else.
  19. My nokia brick is the best
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