What's the best phone on the planet

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  1. Team Worlds Greatest Tag Team Champions of the world wrestling forum in the world were debating this with NanoRah14 in Jose's status, so what does everyone else think is the best phone to own?
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3 right now. HTC one X is supposed to be up there as well (getting one in ten days or so). Also the Google Nexus phone is supposed to be beast from what I understand.
  3. S3, nominated by @Xanth and @Crayo and @"R Albin"
  4. Right here babay:

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  5. Expected a nokia 3310.
  6. My opinion is that everybody thinks Android phones are the best, but are only a bad replica of iPhone, I have tried both and I actually do prefer iPhone, not because of the prestige, I prefer iPhone because it's faster and it's such a laptop but in a cell phone, you can do whatever, Android is such as for kids
  7. HTC Sensation XL and an iPhone 5 infront of me right now.

    HTC is big, easy in use, but lags way, way, way too much.. Good quality screen, easy market to use, but con is that you have to use a creditcard to buy shit.

    iPhone 5, is pushed to the moon, ofcourse. Feels good, looks great, easy to use. Setup is quick and easy. Cool thing is iCloud. Recovery program when you lose or break your phone. Where ever you are, just log into iCloud, and put it back in your new iPhone.

    Cool thing is, you can buy iTunes cards to buy apps. Which is pretty neat imo.
  8. So... Do you agree with me? IPhone better than Android?
  9. Can't tell right now, man..

    Got it this afternoon. So I'll have to check it out first.
  10. IPhone 5 is great, has some problems, but not as big and as numerous as Android
  11. You're comparing a phone to an operating system, compare phones to phones.....
  12. Name some android issues that are "big". The beauty of open source is that anything is quite easily fixable.
  13. Samsung galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5. My Samsung went crazy
  14. What problems did you have with it lol? The battery is terrible admittedly but all smart phones tend to be now a days.
  15. Don't know, I once lost my contacts and couldn't recover them, with iPhone it was too easy to recover them
  16. Galaxy PC suite should do that lol.
  17. Well, the battery was not a problem, but it came crazy, I was surfing and then without touching anything the main screen appeared, then it came back to the explorer, went crazy...


    Only if you have a security copy, and I hadn't but with iPhone without it I could recover them easily.
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  18. S4 once it's revealed on March 14.
  19. So basically Nano is saying the iPhone 5 is better than Android phones because he doesn't set them up properly.

    HTC XL, S3, S4 (when it's released) and most Android smartphones are better than iPhones. Fact.
  20. iPhone 5

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    Samsung S4

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    Design wise, Samsung ripped the iPhone 5 look imo..
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