What's the big announcement tommorow?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Muraad Khan, Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. So on RAW they announced "The Biggest Revolution in Sports Entertainment" well the last one happened in the 80's so what is it? Well on the picture card they had a newer WWE logo, so can it be? WWE Networks 2 year birth finally to happen? Others think it has to do with Wrestlemania 30, i don't think it does and am sure that WWE is going to announce the new WWE Network tomorrow.
  2. the wwe network coming out is my best guess.
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  3. Good call on the network. How anticlimactic.
  4. the names will be great but i dont see it being more than a polite press conference like JR had with 2k13? i think it was.

    It should be interesting but IDK how it can be so huge.
  5. I think they're finally announcing how to install the WWE App :cole:
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  6. The Network. They were a little ahead of their own time when they announced it previously. I don't think they'd properly considered the amount of content needed to run their own network and sell that to the cable companies. They've smartly built all that shit on YouTube and the WWE App though. The JBL and Cole Show, every week on the WWE Network would be great. Hell, maybe if he sucks up his sourpuss attitude Zack Ryder can get his little show during the graveyard shift. I'm especially hoping for a weekly or biweekly Legends of Wrestling roundtable. That and the 1980's MSG house shows were the best parts of WWE Classics on demand.
  7. Would mark for a brand split but yeah it's the Network.
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  8. Its the network and as mentioned the most anti climatic announcement ever.
  9. were you raped by Zack Ryder as a kid? You have some extreme beef with the dude, and I don't get why, you ranked him as one of the worst stars of 2013...how many times did he even appear on your tv?
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  10. I think I just like baiting you into making ridiculous comments on my posts.
  11. fuck i thought so.
  12. Or uhhh yeah Zack Ryder man... he sucks so bad.
  13. i made it a solid 3 ryder hate posts before finally taking the bait. Gotta give you the credit, 20k posts and im still not smart enough.
  14. Jeff Jarrett buys WWE.
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  15. Jeff Jarrett buys a taco and cries.
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  16. The WWE Network, obviously.
  17. I know its probably gunna be the network but I see austin is gunna be at the press conference maybe just maybe he announces his in ring return #teamoptimistic
  18. That could be but Shawn Michaels is also there and Austin is far to old to return
  19. Did Ditsy buy WWE?
  20. If they announce that the WWE Network is coming out on my birthday, I am going to cry.
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