What's the deal with all these monster sigs?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by DarksideTrin, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. I went on the computer last night to go on the forums.... Holy crap? All these monster signatures and crap. Although some are fricking hilarious, are way too distracting and I find they slow my computer noticeably! Not to mention it makes some topics unreadable to me.

    Why the overkill guys?

  2. Sigs fack the world. :boss:
  3. You can't force me to get rid of Ryback. I love him! #Nohomo
  4. Not forcing. Just wondering why the overkill. Makes me glad I have tapatalk

  5. People like images in their signatures, it's a feature on every forum - you get used to it and barely notice them in the end. Though your PC must be pretty old if it slows down because of them?
  6. Not really. Maybe if just too distracting. Making it seem slow... Or the 24 hour midget porn stream.....

  7. I love my sig too. The greatest sig that ever lived. :boss:
  8. Hornswoggle?
  9. He meant Hulk Hogan porn.
  10. Slowing down your Internet?

  11. My internet goes faster when I get these sigs. It likes the challenge :gusta: (Joke I just have 100 gig downspeed)
  12. I'm planning on changing my theme soon anyway. Brock is old news. D-Bryan marking is back in style.
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