GFW What's the deal with GFW?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by C.M. Shaddix, Sep 16, 2016.

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  1. ...nothing?
  2. There was one big problem about GFW...

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  3. Nothing he does works doesn't it?
  4. GFW still exists?
  5. I think it still technically does, but is on something of a "technical hiatus" until they get TV or something else that will bring in some money.

    It makes one wonder if Jeff Jarrett has any of the business sense (we know he doesn't have the booking ability) of his daddy.

  6. They still run shows. Mainly in the minor league baseball/fairground circuit where Jarrett can find some money mark who's willing to pay them a lump sum for them to perform for the people who are already there to watch something else.

    Their next set of shows according to their website is in Canada in October. So I guess DeAmore negotiated some shows for them there
  7. I remember GFW about to be revealed some years back and thinking that it could do well. Hopeless optimism I guess lol
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  8. :youdontsay:
  9. Wait, it's still around? I thought it was left for dead in a back alley in Mexico.
  10. Wasn't there something around Jarrett shilling for a pyramid scheme? That's the last I've heard of GFW.
  11. Yeah, he was part of a gold selling pyramid scheme and used the GFW wrestlers and whatever fanbase they have to further it. Was luls
  12. And we wonder what happened to his promotion lol.
  13. There are advertisements for GFW shows all the time around here. I haven't been to one mainly because I really haven't had the time. I obviously have a higher opinion of Jeff Jarrett than the rest of you. But it's still around and it runs shows.
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