What's the deal with WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tony Stark, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Do you guys know its real but still chose to watch it? Or do you not know its not real? Pretty sure I saw John Cena or someone cut himself when he was down.
  2. LMAO.
    It's scripted.

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  5. We know it's a scripted show. We watch it for multiple & different reasons. I personally watch it to watch professional wrestling at its best, watching larger than life characters perform some incredible wrestling moves, and also the drama. It's like a soap-opera for me, I like the characters and story-lines. I don't watch it and think "OMG CENA IS BLEEDING BUT ISN'T BACKING DOWN OR CRYING HE'S SO STRONG, HOW COULD RANDY ORTON DO SUCH A THING TO CENA".
  6. Actually Crayo, not all of it is scripted. Take Ortons injury for example. You can't just script a real injury. Sometimes that stuff happens. Also, some of the chair shots are unprotected as well, that part might be scripted, but you're actually getting hurt.

    Long story short, they don't just go into the WWE and not get hurt. The pain is real, but they also use that pain, and over exagerate it to sell more.

    96% of the show is scripted. The other 4 percent is unexpected incidents, like Ortons injury.
  7. Wrestling every week is really difficult actually.
    Most of the superstars have injuries over the years caused of the bumps and everything.
  8. I know. Some of the spots are scripted & the results are. That wasn't my point though lol. I wouldn't say 96% of the show is scripted... they're improvising in the ring. They're telling each-other whilst wrestling (and hoping that the crowd don't see them) what moves are coming up next. It's all improvised. I'd say around 25%.