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  1. I'm all for Zac Ryder but why all the sudden the big push???? He show shows up at mania and wins a huge ladder match?? What gives? Is he blowing Stephanie?
  2. 1. Owens vs Zayn does not need the belt.
    2. Stardust is a better challenger than title holder with this gimmick.
    3. Miz or Dolph winning the belt for the fifth time each is not as special a moment.
    4. Sin Cara is mainly a spectacle worker. Not meant to hold singles gold but pull off spectacular moves/moments in the match/be part of a tag team.
    5. Why not? The guy is a loyal company workhorse who has slaved away on the C shows pulling good matches out of his ass left and right for years. He survived years of burial and is still reasonably over. Him winning a belt in his first gold opportunity at mania is a fairly big deal.
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  3. He was re-signed recently, yeah, but I just think that Ryder convinced WWE brass to push him in his current contract. It came out of nowhere, yes... but they need someone new to win the IC title. Stardust (as Cody Rhodes) won the IC title, Dolph Ziggler won the IC title, KO was champion, Sin Cara will be in the Cruiserweight Series, obviously. The Miz has been IC and WHC, it would just boil down to Sami Zayn and Zack Ryder.

    Sami Zayn is new so I don't think it's wise to give him the IC title just yet. Build him up a bit longer.
  4. Such a feel good moment. :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. I said it in the LD last night, Kevin and Sami don't need a belt to have a good feud. Belts are used to put value on a wrestler who needs it more than anything. I know some will disagree but belts to me are nothing more than props wrestlers who need a boost carry. Zac needs a boost to get over.
  6. I doubt he'll be champion for more than a month. Wouldn't surprise me if he dropped it tonight on RAW, tbh.
  7. I'm guessing they needed a transitional champion for another heel to take the belt pretty quick, I'll spoiler the second part as it's part of Mania.

    Show Spoiler
    with Corbin winning the Andre Battle Royal possibly him
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  8. That's what I'm thinking. I'll be surprised if he holds the belt past Payback. Hell, he could be dropping it tonight.
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  9. Like a retelling of Swagger vs Ryder, except Big Banter has 10xs the longevity of Swagger.
  10. Aaaaand there we go. Granted I think the rematch will be splendid.

    BTW with how jacked Zack is now he needs to start doing a Scott Steiner inspired gimmick. The big Zack daddy
  11. spoiler- winning the Intercrapinental championship isn't a huge push
  12. watch miz now get a 5 month reign and ryder to decend again.... :emoji_slight_frown: FUCK
  13. Just give Corbin the title, no storyline needed
  14. WWE's motto
  15. When I heard he won it, I immediately thought that they were just throwing him a bone and booking a surprise feel-good moment for WM, and that he would probably lose it the next night on Raw or something. Figured it would be KO winning it back and destroying Ryder in the process instead of another Miz title reign, but whatever.

    The Miz himself is likely (and hopefully) just a placeholder being used to keep the belt warm until the time is right to pass it along to AJ Styles (or Cesaro.) After Styles loses to Roman Reigns and looks strong in the process, he ends up as a guest on MizTV, has some words with Miz, gets mocked over his loss, and bam, they begin a program over the IC belt. Hopefully Styles would actually hold onto the title for more than a few months because the last several champions haven't been able to.
  16. Yep, seems legit. Give Ryder his big WM moment in a great match where he still proves he is over. Give it to The Miz the next night to begin his reign of shenanigans so he can drop it either to Ryder (and maybe replicate a bit of the Ryder-Ziggler feud) or someone who should be main eventing but thanks to Lord Reigns, won't be; Styles, Cesaro or Zayn could be great face champions and well, hopefully we can start to see prestige returned to the title. A long Miz-Ryder feud could do wonders for the belt as whilst Miz and Ryder don't sound like they would make for the most exciting feud, Ryder is still clearly over and if they let him chase a heel champion who keeps denying him his big shot via shenanigans, Ryder can only get more over and he's MUCH better on the mic and in-ring nowadays so it can only do some good. Meanwhile, the other 3 names are perhaps more credible and someone like Cesaro doing the freaky magical shit he does in the ring, a lot of the big moments on a PPV will be him destroying people for the title.

    Seriously, I know WWE will fuck this up but they have such a great opportunity to make the IC title cared about again. The new Women's Championship looks good enough right now after they stole the show at WM32, so with a similar group of mega-talented superstars in the IC division, they can still do it. They did it with the US title with Cena, but now they need to work hard on the IC title and make sure the momentum doesn't drop.

    (IC division featuring Styles, Cesaro, Zayn, KO, Stardust, Miz, Ryder, Sandow, Corbin, Ziggler, Crews... that would be magical. Heck, having someone like Orton fight for the title someday would do a lot of good too, of course they have to do Orton vs Lesnar before that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)
  17. lol and now he lost it. Wtf
  18. It's all for a good storyline. Zack Ryder is the underdog who wins the belt, had a huge emotional and special moment and then the next night here comes that dick head Miz and his super hot wife to screw him over and make him an underdog again. It's a good storyline for what they have to work with currently. Plus I'm a Miz guy all the way :really:
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