What's the dumbest story angle you think the WWE has ever done?

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  1. I honestly think the Mr. America story angle with Hulk Hogan on Smackdown back in mid 2003 was really dumb. The story angle was if whether or not Mr. America really is Hulk Hogan behind the mask, as if the fans/audience are really retarded enough to believe that it isn't Hulk Hogan behind the disguised mask, despite how VERY PAINFULLY OBVIOUS they made it by having him use the "Real American" theme song for Mr. America/Hulk Hogan's entrance along with the way Mr. America cuts his promos and segments.

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  2. Rikishi attempting to murder Steve Austin
    DX Return 2006
    The Legacy vs. McMahon family
    The Nexus
    The New Nexus

    Just a few that pop into mind.
  3. DX was okay and Nexus was good. Just my opinion.

    Katie Vick
    A lot of the Spirit Squad shit
    Henderich in general
    Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler
  4. Cole vs Lawler.
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  5. Katie Vick
    Kennel from Hell.
    Goldust in the early 90s aka his "time to make everyone hate gay people" phase.
  6. Another one they should not have done: Lawler vs Roberts with Lawler mocking Roberts for being an alcoholic....whilst Roberts was legit having his maybe second major bout with alcoholism.
  7. Katie Vick was a great storyline, and really satisfied the hunger for an edgy storyline.
  8. Nexus was GREAT... until... Cena ruined it at Summerslam 2010... New Nexus SUCKED, DX return as PG content.... yeah... Legacy vs. McMahons? I liked that one! But Triple H and Randy Orton did not deserve the main event that year, that should've been Micheals and Undertaker. Backlash made it fall apart... Rikishi murdering Austin?! That was dope and Rikishi made a BAD MAN.
  9. 1 week before he attempted murder, he was shaking and jiving in a thong with two cruiserweights.
  10. so? Still a cool angle!
  11. The Nexus was bad after they lost half their members mysteriously. I mean in June they had 8 and by October they had 4? wtf
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  12. The Hornswoggle being Vince's son storyline was terrible.
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  13. The whole Anonymous GM shtick that was dragged on for about two years is the most recent one that comes to mind. The big payoff was Jerry figuring out that it was Hornswoggle, yeah. I think I took an extended break after that happened.
  14. Bad Man Rikishi was a dumb angle because it was booked like shit because WWE actively sabotaged themselves.
  15. Katie Vick is the correct answer here. The necrophilia stuff didn't really bother me as it was more unintentionally funny than anything (albeit a desperate way to try and stir up controversy again as well), but the fact that it contradicted pretty much everything about Kane's backstory (on top of being a boring feud in general) was what made it terrible.
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  16. Katie Vick undoubtedly.

    Other bad ones:

    Kane and Lita the forced marriage, implied rape (even though she went along with it, she was forced into the marriage and the sex so it qualifies as rape), pregnancy and having Snitsky cause the miscarriage only for Lita and Kane to join against him only to have Lita turn on Kane for Edge .

    Mae Young giving birth to a hand.
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  17. Jacob leave Snitsky out of this thread! It wasn't his fault!!
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  18. I'll make it up to him by letting him lick Betty White's foot.
  19. Snitsky is Tony Atlas?

    Alsom pretty sure it isn't an abortion anymore when the baby is born and can be punted out into a sea of people.
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