What's The Greatest Match(es) That Never Happened?

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  1. Out of all the potential dream matches that have come and gone throughout the years, which do you feel was the biggest missed opportunity? And I'm specifically aiming for matches that we either know won't happen at this point (Austin/Hogan, etc.), or matches that have such a miniscule chance of happening that we can pretty much write them off (Rock/Michaels, etc.) Matches that still have a reasonable possibility of happening, like Cena versus The Undertaker at Wrestlemania (or Goldberg vs Roman Reigns, if you consider that a much desired match), shouldn't count in this instance.

    I was watching a video that WWE released over on Youtube about ten fantasy matches that would have been awesome and great to watch that we never got (and never will get) to see. Among the ten were the two aforementioned ones as well as matches like Bret/Angle, Punk/Savage, Andre/Big Show, Dudleys/LOD, Undertaker/Sting, etc. There's also others that I would add myself like Savage/HHH, Goldberg/Warrior, Lesnar/Bret, Rockers/Hardyz, Goldberg/Undertaker (pretend it was 1998 Goldberg with the undefeated streak against 2014 Undertaker at Wrestlemania), New Age Outlaws/Outsiders, Nash/Lesnar, Sting/Triple H, etc. The list goes on and on. Which match out of all the opponents who never squared off (or who did but not when each man was in their prime, ala Savage/Michaels) would you have most liked to see? I'm also not asking for objectivity on what you feel would be the biggest in terms of box-office and whatnot, I'm going strictly by personal opinion on what match(es) you think would have entertained you the most.

    Oh, and here's the video that WWE released of ten potential rivalries that would have been great:

  2. Mason Ryan vs Batista
  3. Hogan vs Flair at Wrestlemania 8.

    I know they eventually feuded in WCW a few years later, but the Ric Flair "real world heavyweight champion" angle and champ vs champ at Mania between the two biggest stars in the industry would have been 100 X more epic.
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  4. Yet but With Randy Savage to face Flair which I think well desave for him to win the belt since his 1st title run was over look by Hogan being his tag team partner. Anyway I would have to go with Stone Cold vs. Hogan!
  5. HBK Vs Bryan.
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  6. Flair/Savage was cool and all, but it was inexcusable for WWE to not go through with the Hogan/Flair feud, and trying a few house show matches and then scrapping it was the dumbest shit I've ever heard of.
  7. Hall vs Mcmahon.
  8. Punk vs Austin
    HBK vs. Bryan
    Cesaro vs. HBK (I can imagine that one... damn)
  9. Shawn michaels at his prime vs Dolph ziggler.
    Even if you don't like them, that would be some mighty fappable match
  10. U also half to keep in my WCW took the "Big Gold Belt" away from WWF in lawsuit that won and though WWE try to hunt that fact by making a new World Title for Flair to hold as his "Real World Title" But even back then people are not retard that can tell the different and Vnce knew it was going to fail. Which is why he put the WWF Champion Belt on him at the Rumble PPV to kind of kill the fake belt had Flair have.
  11. Fans knew WCW had fired Flair while he was champ, so while I wasn't around watching wrestling at the time, I imagine a lot of real fans knew the story and likely viewed Flair as the legit champ and the WCW champ as a fraud.
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  12. If I ever wanted to put a match on mute just to see how gifted two wrestlers are at telling a story (which I actually will do from time to time:
    Shawn Michaels vs Eddie Guerrero - I'd like to see HBK V1 (89-98) vs Eddie pre-car accident (92-98)
    Then I'd like to see HBK V2 (02-10) vs Juiced Eddie post car accident (99-05)
    Mistico vs Rey Misterio, Jr - As in a young Misterio vs Mistico... simply for the atmosphere, particularly if it were in Mexico with good production value
    Benoit vs Bryan Danielson - Again, not Daniel Bryan in a good 45 or so minute match with near falls, blood and the like.
    CM Punk (circa 11-13) vs Bret Hart (circa 97) - Promo battle for the Butt-Hurt Memorial Trophy... they could have a match but they'd probably both quit due to backstage politics
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  13. i made about how after flair lose the world title he was holding in wwf to wcw due a lawsuit wcw won. b/c of this vince had made a fake world title for flair to hold as the real world title but fans knew it was not the big gold belt b/c the center goble thing was so fuck it did look right. so vince wanted kill it off so he stort after had flair just win the rumble match to win the wwf champion and kill off the real world champion storyline. which maybe why the match did not have at wm8 b/c flair did not had the big gold belt anymore?
  14. It wouldn't be hard to still bill "champion vs champion". Just have Flair continue to claim to be "the real" world champion and cut a promo shitting on WCW for taking him to court and stealing his belt because they had nobody who could beat him fairly for it. simple enough booking. Not nearly a big enough issue to scrap the GOAT match up of Hogan vs Flair at Mania
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  15. i don't vince wanted him to talk about wcw though? when he came to wwf flair alway said "hogan the wwf champion ric flair the real world champion" never saying wcw at all or nwa.
  16. You think too inside the box. He didn't have to mention them by name.
  17. There have been some good dream matches on here already.

    I'll echo Chris Benoit vs. The American Dragon Bryan Danielson would be outright fucking epic.

    Did we ever actually get Austin vs. Goldberg?

    I would also love to see CM Punk (2011-2013 version) vs. Ric Flair in his prime.

    How about Razor Ramon vs. Cesaro?

    And one good tag match: Freebirds vs. the Brood (all 3 of them, naturally) vs. the Shield.

    And I'll give you ABA Undertaker vs. Crow Sting.

  18. 30 man Battle Royal featuring he 30 most popular wrestlers of all time... dead or alive
    Warrior no selling an elimination by climbing back in the ring would be fantastic
    Sammartino pi*ssing and moaning and banging his hands against the mat because he hates progress would be amazing
    Ric Flair blading and concussing himself without so much as a blow from an opponent would extraordinary
    ... and Mick foley finding some way to actually decapitate himself would make this a Battle Royal I'd never forget

    The bigotry and self-adulation of the competitors would bring the match to a total of 15 hours, but then again so would the entrance of Andre The Overrated Giant
  19. ABA Undertaker would be dumb to face Sting. It need to beat Dead Taker vs. Crow Sting.
  20. Okay.

    But I'd like to see ABA Taker vs. Crow Sting.

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