What's the longest wrestling winning streak?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nano, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. The question says it all. Doesn't count title reigns because even if you're champion you can lose in non-title matches.
  2. Pretty sure it's either Goldberg or Andre the Giant...could be wrong though :hmm:
  3. I think Andre was about 6 years or so, I'm not sure. But I think he lost some matches via DQ or count out... About Goldberg. I think it was over 100 victories in a row...
  4. Andre The Giant was billed as being undefeated for 15 years before his loss at Wrestlemania 3. But he did lose a match here and there outside of North America, albeit just from count out and disqualification. I think WM3 was legitimately his first ever pin fall loss.

    Still, he probably went longer than anyone for one period of time stacking up win after win in between the occasional loss. So I'd go with him.

    Bruno Sammartino had the longest world title reign ever and they didn't really have non-title matches back then, but I'm guessing he probably lost before winning the title.
  5. If we are counting 'legit' losses only, pretty sure when Warrior beat Hogan it was the first clean pinfall loss since the beginning of Hulkamania in the early 80s.
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  6. I know about the 15 years streak of Andre but as you said, he lost and even if it's from a count out, it counts as a lost. At least for me it does
  7. I also said though that in between losses, he may have very well been undefeated for the longest time. Not 15 years like WWE claims, but still. He was supposedly undefeated completely for at least ten years (1977-1987) but records were not kept around as much back then so it's almost impossible to say.
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