What's the most important aspect to define a great in ring worker.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. I've been thinking of this for a while and I can't come up with a definitive answer. Is it the ability to execute the moves, the psychological aspect, adding your gimmick into it, selling ability or something else completely?
  2. All of the stuff you counted, from executing to selling ability. All. It's simple honestly, you cannot be GREAT in ring worker without all of it. I'd some more stuff to that list of things... Like the moves getting over with crowds, YOURSELF being over and knowing what to do and when with your character, that is how to react in unexcpected and/or unique situations. Everything matters.
  3. I get you need a mix but say you were creating a wrestler and you could be great at one aspect which would it be?
  4. Oh you meant THE one aspect, OK.

    Then I'd go with adding your gimmick. That's what personally amuses me and that's why I like seeing Jericho, Bobby Roode, Chris Daniels, Ziggler, Samoa Joe and maybe a few other, perform. TBH, I think they're all top notch in that part and are excellent/great just because of it.
  5. Psychology is only the part of wrestler's strategy tbh. It ain't somewhat crucial.
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  6. Selling & Technique.
  7. Look at all of the GOATs in wrestling history and psychology is the one common thread IMO from Hogan to Flair to Rock to Austin

    Psychology in ring and of course the charisma to go along with it
  8. I thought it's strictly in ring skills. I wouldn't put Hogan in the list as one of the best ring workers of all time. Bret, HBK, Benoit, Eddie are in that list.
  9. I just took it as what was the most important aspect of in ring work. Technical ability is great, but the most popular & entertaining guys are always going to be the ones who know how to work the audience during a match.
  10. If it's the complete package, then I'd still not put Hogan in that list. Sure he can work a crowd but that doesn't make you one of the greatest ring workers, else any over star could be one of the greatest in ring workers of all time. I'd stick HBK at the top of the list, Eddie being close, I think Rey is underrated too in this department.
  11. Have to say selling and technique too, you're a good one if you can make yourself and your opponent look good.
    Like Shawn Michaels.
  12. Ziggler is on Shawn's level in my opinion with selling.

  13. No worth coming at you, you're right. Dolph is real damn close to HBK. Real close.
  14. Definitely Technique. Without technique you're useless in the ring.
  15. Most important aspect:

    Con"Troll"ing the audience

    Having good facials

    Handling the stick is slightly overrated

    ... uh oh I think I broke PG again
  16. Story telling in and out of the ring. It defines the feud and makes the fans invested

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  17. It depends on your style. For some guys, their psychology is the most important aspect of their character. For others, it's their technical ability or selling. For still others, it's their mic work or their look.

    It just depends.

    Guys who have the total package are very, very rare.


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  18. Storytelling is by far the most important aspect of pro wrestling. One way or another, you need to be able to tell some story.
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