What's the most offensive gimmick in history?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Question in the title.
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  2. By gimmick I assume u mean character. I'll go with the Mexicools, or any other Latino gangsta group. They all irritate me a bit 2 no end
  3. So I guess you're not a fan of current Hunico haha :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Probably Virgil, there was a lot that could be read into a black man being a servant to a white, rich southerner. Possibly JBL also.
  5. I'm trying to go for intentional offensive gimmicks, Virgils gimmick was just a servant basically, his race has nothing to do with it. But yeah I see your point.
  6. I like the person, just not his character portrayal. I won't even go there with TNA cuz they do it, too. There was one decent latino character I did see on video. His name was Tito Santana (sp). Every other character seem extremely insensitive and paints latinos as unintelligent thugs.
  7. I found festus offensive.


    Same as Eugene

  8. Probably JBL during his feud with Eddie then.
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  9. Eugene's character could easily be seen as offensive. JBL was a monster at being offensive when he wanted. Anyone remember his Germany shtick.?
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  10. Ugh. I'd forgotten Alberto. I like him. He isn't offensive at all. JBL was awful at times
  11. Muhammad Hussan? Obviously he started off as a 'good guy' who was playing off the ignorance of anti-muslim fans, but of course WWE eventually turned him full fledged terrorist. Slaughter turning into an Iraqi sympathizer during the height of the height of that first war with Iraq maybe? Crime Tyme perhaps? Oh look, black people are criminals!
  12. Nation of Domination also.
  13. Billy and Chuck were bad, but I thought Goldust was great.
  14. I almost listed them.

    Also if I were a parent and found my kid watching Val Venis I would probably find it pretty offensive lolol
  15. Shawn was pretty wild in 1997.
  16. Ric Flair..

    Flair: I'll handle you later stupid bitch!
    Melina: :shock:
  17. JBL is so funny I remember when he came to birmingham NEC arena, It was my first ever live tv event and at the end of the show he came out and blasted the half audience that were still in the arena and I told him to Fuck off to his face as I sat ringside...#goodtimes
  18. He is the only guy that comes up in my mind when I think about this subject.

    Mainly because he put the Canadian flag up his nose.
  19. He also humped it.

    Still though that was pretty tame compared to a lot of the shit happening in WWF around that time IMO
  20. Ugh. Everything Shawn did with DX was disgusting. Whether he was humping the ramp, a flag, walking around almost nude or making sex jokes. Honestly, Steve never came close 2 being that offensive.
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