What's the ONE match you most want to see?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. And it doesn't have to have a realistic chance of happening.

    For me, I would kill to see Lesnar vs Cesaro.
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  2. Hogan vs. Cena
  3. only if they find some attire to hide Hogan's atrocious back fat/stretch marks. His back looks like it was hit with a nuke and the skin is starting to melt from the bone or something
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  4. Wyatts vs Shield
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  5. Tanahashi vs Cena
    Lesnar vs an in his prime Hansen or Brodie
  6. I knew I would have to put a bunch of qualifiers for asshole like you

    current people in WWE, or at least have a chance of joining, and no 'in their prime'

    we've had those thread
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  7. "and it doesn't have to have a realistic chance of happening"
  8. Still, its in the WWE section I sort of thought it was implied we were talking about currently active WWE guys. I expected a dumb answer from Test, not you.
  9. Be that way then :Sad:

    Zayn vs Triple H
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  10. thanks for playing

    Probably a discussion for another thread, but do you think Zayn can get pushed all the way to the top? I hope so but I'm skeptical. inb4the 'ohwell he can be the jericho upper midcard occasional mid card' cliche answer
  11. Del Sol vs Mysterio.
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  12. Zayn vs Rollins.
  13. Well he wore white sleeveless t-shirt in a match against Sting in 2011, it looked decent imo.
  14. I vote for this attire, glasses, guitar and all

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  15. Hogan vs Jarrett guitar on a pole.
  16. Cena/Undertaker, obviously. It's the only Streak match nowadays where there'd be at least some doubt as to who would win, the match would be excellent and the heat for it would be unreal, especially when people both in the arena and at home had a few near heart attacks when Cena got a few near falls on the Undertaker.

    Another would be that rumored Elimination Chamber match that won't happen between John Cena/Brock Lesnar/Batista/CM Punk/Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton.

    Another would be vacating the WWE Title and for the first time in over 20 years having the Rumble match be for the vacant WWE Championship. Imagine all the big names all in this one match. Paul Heyman comes out and says Brock Lesnar is entering. Batista returns and says he's in it. Cena, Punk and Bryan are all in it. The Rock returns and says he's going for the championship one last time. The Undertaker even announces his entry into the match. This would be awesome. The thought of it happening alone makes me hard.

    Rey Mysterio against Sin Cara now that an actual talented performer who doesn't botch every other move is behind the Sin Cara mask. Or Mysterio/Del Sol. Or all three in a triple threat match.

    People can laugh at this one, but a babyface Randy Orton as The Viper against Brock Lesnar.
  17. Cena vs Taker is cool on paper, but would anyone really care if Cena won or lost? I guess some people would be 'angry marks' if Cena beats the streak, but outside of them who cares?

    That Rumble scenario sounds immense, would be pro.
  18. I'd love any of those.

    Especially the Rumble match or Elimination Chamber.
  19. Reigns vs Brock
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